Concerned about rtm

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Hi all....I just have a couple of questions about rtm. I have stayed pretty much on total up until this point and am now about 2lb from target (which I'm hoping to shift before rtm starts next Wednesday). However I am now concerned that I will continue to lose weight through rtm - something I have not been prepared for. Now, I'm really pleased with my success and the way I look now, but I don't want to get too thin and start seeing that as 'normal' - it would be impossible for me to maintain and I don't want to start feeling negative about the experience.

Do any of you have any suggestions as to how I can overcome this? Should I just eat more of the 'allowed' rtm foods to maintain my target weight? The whole process seems so much more woolly than total, which is why i'm feeling nervous I guess. :confused:

That said, I feel fantabulous at the moment!!!!

Thanks for listening,

Pink x
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Hi Pink!

Firstly, congratulations! You are sooo near your target now, you must feel amazing!!

I know you are worried about losing too much weight on RTM, but from my experience, my LLC's advice and other people on Lighter Life i've spoken to, the general rule is that the weight you start RTM is usually the weight you are when you finish RTM. Yes you do lose a few more pounds during the first few weeks, but the majority of people find that towards the end when you start to reintroduce carbs your glycogen stores begin to refill and this leads to a slight gain (which is completely normal so don't panic!!) So my advice is to follow RTM, eat the recommended amounts and don't worry, your weight will balance out during the 12 week RTM period.

Hope this helps :)
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I'm about to start week 9 of RTM tomorrow.

I have lost 13lbs in the first 6 weeks and then last week I stayed the same as it was TOTM and in abstinace I stayed the same when on TOTM so expected a gain when eating but nope stayed the same.

I haven't gained anything any week as yet but I am now on my trigger weeks and haven't had the first weigh in yet after bringing back complex carbs. I have measured my waist though and it's the same size so if I have gained it's just the glycogen

I have stopped weighing myself at home as I found that I put on weight and lose it again throughout the week even if I weigh at the same time every day.

I am pretty sure I will put on a few lbs over the next 4 weeks so we will see.

My dads wife done LL at the beginning of last year and on RTM she didn't gain any weight any week but she didn't lose hardly anything either, she stayed the same most weeks.


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Hey Pink Fish

Try not to worry about RTM too much, When I did RTM I lost about a further stone in total, and was so controlled with my eating thereafter I got almost a little too thin. That however is not a sustainable weight in the long term and I finally balanced out, and discovered that my body's "happy weight" was the weight I started RTM on. So you might loose initially during the RTM but it does balance out in the end. So fair I have maintained since I finished RTM in early December 2009, apart from a slight pick up during this Xmas which I have just lost in January, by doing a little rebalance, so an now back to my happy weight again. All swings and roundabouts and you will continue to learn for a very long time.. but in the end you find the perfect weight for you.