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Just read a thread about someone losing lots of weight (either on CD or LL), and then rejoining because all the weight she lost was regained. :cry:(I'm not pointing anyone out, because I've read loads of threads about the same thing. And I have lost stones and stones over the years after losing it with WW and SW and putting them all back on (and more) - so I am not judging or criticising anyone.)

Now this really really worries me.

I'm nervous enough about eating "normally" again, and i really don't want to do CD ever again - even tho it's fabulous and the results are amazing, it's not that easy...!!

My best friend is doing LL and although she pays more than me on CD, she does get counselling - as she keeps on reminding me!! But reading posts over the last couple of months, people who lost on LL still put the weight back on, so the counselling doesn't work for everyone.

I know not everyone puts weight back on, and I so don't want to do that (obviously!!). It just gets a little disheartening reading posts that people are starting CD for the 2nd and 3rd times.

Not sure where I'm going here, just felt I had to say something. I suppose I'm just concerned that it could happen to me.:(

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Aw Lynne I feel your pain.

I did LL, stopped and put it back on. But I realised where I went wrong and I am really determined this time to not make the same mistake again.

I think the key is to see it through TO THE END and go through the steps into maintenance. If you do that you are far less likely to put it back on.

I made the mistake of stopping too early.
Hi hun, don't worry. If you re-introduce foods going up each step as recommended you will not regain all of your weight. If you go back to eating as you used to eat, then you will. Its all about control and CD helps to teach you about that control. Hope this helps x x
ok, where do I start. I did cd back in jan 2006 and I lost 3 stone taking my weight down to around 9 stone 12. I felt amazing! I then maintained my weight through healthy eating and learning that if I did have a big blow out I had to make up by being good for the next few days.
I maintained my weight until november 2007 when I found out I was pregnant. I did try and be good through out the first few months into my pregnancy but once I finished work I was bored and thought what a good excuse to eat.. and yes I piled on 4 stone. (EEK!) but this was all through scoffing on huge amounts of rubbish.
After having my little girl I carried on scoffing and thats where I was 3 months ago on the 7th . I have since lost over 4 stone and I know I am never ever going to put that weight back on! Its all about enjoying what you are eating but cutting back if you have had to much and also really understanding what you are eating and noticing when you are hungry and when you are not and not just eating for the sake of it.
Removing food from the situation on ss helps you understand how much food you used to actually eat .
If you remember that you can't eat how you used to eat then you shouldn't have any problems maintaining.
Hope I have helped.


Course it could happen to you.

No one is magically immune.

What needs to be dealt with is being able to control what you eat. Sounds easy...but is rather hard. I find that it's not about the food at all...it's the mental stuff. It's not as if we have no idea we're eating more calories than our bodies need.

A diet, is a diet. It's not a lifestyle nor does it sort your head out when it comes to the reasons for over eating.

I've done LL, and CD and a million other diets. Counselling made no difference to me.

I need to do the head work...not just during the diet but for years and years afterwards. That's where I fell down. Once you lose the weight, you don't stay slim without reprogramming yourself.
We're all natural pie-hole-stuffers! That's why we're resorting to CD...

For me, it's not only a physical challenge of getting down to a decent weight and fitness level, but also a mental challenge of staying there.

Cody hit the nail on the head with her post: it's all head work.


Please kick my butt!!
For every restart post there is a success post. all we can do is follow the plan and take each step and temptation as it comes. It is a head game. i personally want to succeed then maybe have a course of hypnotherepy/councilling to help with the maintenence. we have a hypnoterpist a couple of doors down from work and she has had some good results with helping peeps break the "addiction" of food.


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If it helps ...

I did LL last year and only stopped because we adopted a child and I couldn't afford it, I put only 1/2 stone back on of the over 2 stone I lost. I am now doing CD to get rid of the remainder now I am back at work and being paid.
My friend who was doing LL at the same time (more or less) has lost 8 stone, she has been maintaining now for over 6 months and is very happy with her loss and wants to remain slim, she does this by weighing herself regulary, eating a healthy diet with the aid of a slimming club and allowing herself a weight bracket.

I think that if you decide that this is the time for you then it can be, before I did a VLCD I did SW and WW and RC and all the rest, but I wasn't that bothered about keeping it off and easily went back to my old habits. I will be slim now so I can run around with my longed for daughter, and when I am I'm really determined to stay thin so I can look back at pictures throughout her/our life and be proud that I look good.

HTH, I know it is a really hard thing to contemplate.



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Yep, agree. I would say for me anyway, it was 95% head work and 5% knowledge of nutrition and how to make it work for me.

Going up the steps really helps with both the headwork and the nutrition side....but, you can still put it on after that if you don't continue to work on the head stuff long after that.

And by the way, the 'head stuff' is really interesting. Damn annoying at times, even uncomfortable when it comes to the important bits, but wow! Really illuminating at lot of the time :)

It was a project for me. The diet was just a side line...getting the stuff ready so I could learn to maintain.

the diet isn't about learning how to maintain. It's just the place that shows the starting line. the fun happens after that :D
i'm the same as guru did LL but didn't do maintainence
yes i did put the weight back on - but i also learnt my lesson - you have to see it through to the end you have to do maintainence
i'm also doing lots of work on my emotions and reading loads nlp stuff and emotional eating bits

i know myself and know i will always have a weight problem and so know i have to be more careful than other's but thats just the deal with me
i put on weight easily certain food groups don't agree with me etc all the things you'd learn as you moved up the steps i learnt the hard way!
i know i need to make lifestyle changes and not let my emotional ups and downs be played out on my plate!
a treat is not a treat if you have several a day!
I hear ya, I am a 2nd time restarter now on day 27. The first mistake I made was not following through with the steps. The second mistake I made was binge eating (more than ever before) and then doing a few days ss to get it off..... really not a helpful attitude. This time round I will be working through the steps and rejoining SW as soon as I finish. Hope that helps. I will stay slim and you can too!


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Thank you for all your great advice. Honestly, you are all so wise!

I will work through the plans and work through maintenance; and a I know I need to face my food demons otherwise all this will be completely pointless. I like the idea of hypnotherapy, I may look into that.

I am so glad that my best friend is losing on LL, at least we can keep an eye on each other when we get to where we want to be. It's so exciting that we can see the weight coming off each other now, and so many people are really starting to notice the huge differences. What a boost!!

And, I'm seriously addicted to this site, and I'll be too afraid to come on here and tell you that i've binged, so I'd rather not be in that position! lol

Thanks again,

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