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I dare say that with the best will in the world some of us have had 2 days of eating a lot of things that are not SW friendly and are now feeling the pain, I definitely am. So, if you want to clear the conscience and put the damage to bed for ever, post it on here and then start a clean slate and move on guilt free. I'll start

Ate too much, drunk too much and gained 10lb since last weigh just over a week. Today I start again and move on, I'm not spending time whinging about it, I chose to do it and that's all there is too it. I now choose to make matters right again.
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I agree with you on this! The best way to move forward is to lay it to bed. Don't worry, I've had six months off plan and only gained 4-6 pounds (fluctuating between the two), I'm now back on plan and forgetting the last six months. Everyone has bad days, bad times, the worst thing we can do is beat ourselves up.
Over xmas, I've certainly drank too much, ate too much chocolate and stuffed myself, like the majority of people in the UK!
Good luck getting back on plan xxx


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Back on it today for me - fingers crossed that nothing gets in my way (like the big tin of Celebrations, or large bag of Kettle chips, or.......)


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I chucked all my temptation away! I have no junk food or alcohol left in the house... apart from a tiny bottle of vodka, which is not going to be drunk anytime soon.... I couldn't survive with kettle chips in the house!!!!!


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Someone on another forum said they were hitting the midnight button and if they didnt get back on track after midnight theyd turn into a big fat pumpkin!! Last night I went to bed stressed and this morning Im reminding myself why Im doing this and realising Ive only had 2 days of damage which can quickly be undone!! Good luck everyone!xxx


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2 days is a small fish in a big pond... it won't cause permenant damage, only not resuming the eating before will cause that!!! You can do it hun xxx


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well we have lots of naughties here but oh wants to lose weight too as his trousers are not fitting lol so back to eating healthy this week then back on plan properly next week when all festivities with family over trying to minimise damage this week


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I am starting today with good intentions. I'm having weetabix for breakfast and got some lean mince out the freezer for a healthy bolognese for tea but we still have lots of goodies here. Bf doesnt live with me so sent aload home with him but we paid for it all together so i can't just throw it away. Plus it's not fair to son. I'm gonna have to have some mighty willpower. God bf family over tomorrow for meal, then it's bf birthday new years day. As long as the food is gone before the new year starts. I have eaten lots of naughty things and actually felt ill last night, not sick but sluggish, achy, think it may be the crap i have comsumed


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Well I put on three pounds but hey ho it is * week too :-( but back on track today and it will be back off for next Saturday!


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I ate too many 'naughty but nice' foods over Christmas, but I did drink in moderation, I haven't weighed myself as yet, but I know I have put weight on........


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Well I'll be honest, I've eaten everything in sight! Had 2 macdonalds and a KFC and plan on having a burger king and possibly a pizza too! I've been 100% for 6 months and know I'm not going to undo all of that work so am letting myself enjoy it for Christmas and am back on plan on the 2nd of Jan!

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Since my WI last Tuesday I have eaten pretty much anything I fancied! Damage according to a sneek peak is 3 pounds - I'm back on plan today so have a couple of days to either pull a pound or two back or at least not gain anymore! Having said that I wouldn't change any of it as we got engaged on Christmas Eve and what with Christmas celebrations as well, champagne has been flowing followed by the lovely nibbles!! xx


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Where do i start?

Drank far too much alcohol - just for the sake of it! I've not eaten too many bad foods like takeaways or anything, its more the goodies and nibbles at my mums like Roses, peanuts, pringles etc.

I didnt buy any goodies in this year but my mum's is a nightmare, its EVERYWHERE!! I have eaten things just because they were there :eek:

I've drawn a line under it though and am back on plan. I got a box of Thorntons white continental chocs for Xmas and ive decided that if i stick to plan 100% all day then i can treat myself with 1 chocolate (built into syns) at the end of the day.


well i been cheating for last 6 month my diet went out the window this year, i have lots of excuses for it, but now that i have put on 2st i need to sort myself out again, so new year new diet i lost weight before on SW so i am going to do it again, i feel a new determintion hate feeling fat and bloated,


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I wish it was only 2 days :cry::cry: but its been 5 days :cry::cry: dreading going to WI on Tuesday and i'm sorely tempted to give it a miss :eek: and have a holiday :eek:


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I have been disgraceful but its done now and I am back on track tomorrow! Havent weighed in yet - it wont be pretty!!


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I guess I'll confess too, lol. I hoped to stick to plan 100% but didn't manage it. I ate a mince pie and a piece of chocolate cake and cream. I've also eaten quite a few chocs. I'm not dure what the damage on the scales will be - I get weighed on Tuesday- but I'll just deal with it :D

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I have had about 5 days off and as much as I enjoyed it, I feel bloated and sluggish - yuck!

Back on it 100% tomorrow. Just NYE to get through, but we're staying in and I'm cooking so will choose something SW friendly.

I have not weighed myself, I wouldn't dare! Just hoping I can pull everything back by next WI 7th Jan!


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Well, despite my good intentions, I had 2 whole days off plan and ate and drank whatever I fancied. I sneakily weighed in today 3lbs higher than 2 days ago, which takes me to target +5 - eek!

So, back on plan today to try and start losing the excess. I went for a lovely long walk this a.m. and I'm gonna jump on the cross-trainer tomorrow.

Still, it was nice to eat what I fancied, even just for a couple of days! The best 'naughty' treat was a white bread roll, with butter, turkey, stuffing, lettuce and salad cream... lush!


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Nom nom nom, I've had 3 days off plan and it's been delicious. Tomorrow is straight back on plan 100% to limit the damage, all 6lbs of it, by WI on Wednesday.