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confession i lost it and ate (a lot!)

i dont even know where to start. i was doing so so well and felt so motivated. i went to get weighed yesterday felt good id lost weight then i went to see my friend feeling all motivated to stick to LT and i ended up giviing in and eating take away with her even though i kept saying no.

then today ive been out all day and just got in and eaten food with my husband but i ate in the morning and at lunch too. i didnt even enjoy the food as much as i would have. felt so pants about it knowing how determined i was. i still feel determined but these last two days have been awfull ive not stuck to LT.

ive weighed myself and ive gained the two pounds i lost. i havent even drank water i drank coke and lots of it as it was refills in the restaurant we went to at lunch!!!

when im home on my own i do so well and manage to get through the day even if i struggle. ive got a weeks supply of shakes so will be back on it tommorw but its back to day one after all that hard work since sunday.

ill just have to not go out for the next 7 days and make sure im at home. i was so gutted lat night but then i ate today all day. i think ive eaten in the last two days of what ive not eaten since sunday!

anyhow im on a downer. but im going to get back on it tommorw and tell those people off if they suggest i dont bother with my shakes!
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Okay, do you want the tough love or the soft love?

Soft love first.
We all make mistakes, we are human, but we can overcome them. Forget about today, except for the feelings of guilt, and start anew tomorrow. Remember why you started this journey and how good you felt after the first WI and find something online that you really want to be able to fit into and pin it up in the kitchen where you will see it everytime you are around food.

Now the tough love.
Why did you let yourself get talked into eating? You are a strong woman capable of saying no so why cave? You had a great first WI and had everything going for you and now you will have to start again. Come on hun, there is no excuse for not saying no next time! Consider yourself well and truly told off!!!

(sorry for coming on so strong, I'm not used to being so bolshie!)

You can do this babe, you owe it to yourself to continue this journey you started so well.

We are here for you and believe you can do this, you need to believe in yourself as well.

Good luck with the restart.

Cool, nice eatathon, what you having for a sweet!
Get a grip of yourself eat and cheat or grin and be slim, the choice is yours??????
im so daft for not sticking to it and i should have have kept with my will power.
you guys are right no one made me it, i just didnt have the will power to stick to it.

back on track for sure tommorrow!!!!!!!!
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Good for you Taffi, I shall be keeping an eye out for your posts telling me how well you are doing as you get through each day successfully.

Good luck hun! PM me if you want to and I'll help you anyway I can.

cuddly fairy thanks for that
im back on target cant wait for tommorrow to come around and put the last two days behind me

will keep you posted on how im getting on
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Taffi, forget those 2 days and concentrate on the new, slimmer you!

Good luck babe.



I will do this!!!
This may sound harsh but do you want to lose this weight or not?!?! If your able to eat and not stop when you say no then your obviously not in the right frame of mind for this diet. Whats more important to you eating or losing weight. Fine people make mistakes but come on you obviously felt no guilt else you would have stopped at the 1st mouthful of take away. Sit down and really look at things. Food is the bad guy, you can keep eating and be overweight for the rest of you life or do LT 100% for a few months and completely change your life for ever!!! I know what id choose. Good luck
its almost 11pm and ive been sat thinking for ages about what ive done and how i regret it. i alwasy do this i sart a diet and then i mess it up and deal with the guilt then again start a diet mess it up im so sick of the cycle i get into. once i found LT i was so chuffed that it worked and now i dont want to stop it. im waiting for tommorw morning and its going to be a new day!

thanks for your kick up the backside guys i so need it and will remember the comments the next time im about to loose my willpower!!!!!


I will do this!!!
Hey youv only got 18lbs to lose iv got 103!!!! just look at it that way you'll be out enjoying your new bod and ill still be forcing down the shakes! Good luck :)


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good luck for new start tomorrow hun xxx
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I did the same thing too, but the reality check is just wats needed. you'll feel more possitive tomorro knowing how bad u felt this time. keep at it.. its gonna be so worth it in the end for all of us. A few months is going to fly by and you'll have the rest of ur life to enjoy the benefits
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Come on Taffi, put the last two days behind you today is a new start, getting glugging the water, you will feel better be strong


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I just think its good that you are still here & shouting for help.
I have started day 1 everyday for the past month or so BUT today I am on DAY3 !!! with no cheating :) I seem to of got my 'head' back (or I am praying I have lol)
Good luck hun, no one ever said it was easy but you CAN do this & you are WORTH doing this, just keep shouting!!
hey kilobel
thanks for that
im feeling positive this morning been up and doing jobs around the house. im on a mission to keep occupied and stick to the shakes. i actually enjoy the choc shakes and sometimes look forward to them. evenings are a pain where i get really hungry but ill try and go to bed early if i struggle badly.

ill keep you posted :)

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