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Confession time

Well I've had the WORST week :cry:

Got weighed last Thursday and I'd lost 2 pounds. I'd arranged to go for a meal with a friend straight after to a curry house :eek: but spoke to CDC and I'd decided to have chicken tikka so as not to knock me out of ketosis..........anyway I'm sure you can all guess what happened next, one lamb madras, chips, naan bread AND desert later I'm regretting everything. It didn't stop there though - the weekend I was ill with a cold and thought whats the point while taking cough medicine and sucking strepsils so I continued not just to eat but to eat BIGTIME. I've eaten so much I can't even remember it all. Finally told myself yesterday that I must get back on track but couldn't do it - ended up eating spaghetti bolognese for dinner followed by more chocolate.

Soooooo, I wasn't due to get weighed until next Thursday as I'd bought enough packs to last me until then but I text my CDC yesterday and she has agreed to quickly weigh me today so that I can assess the damage :eek: and get back on track tomorrow when I will be back at work and back to my normal routine.

I'm going at 530 so will post my (probably huge) weight gain when I return :wave_cry:
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I've done the same hun! Get weighed on thurs n not looking forward to it, but we are human n u only live once! Hope you've not done to much damage x


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yeah, we all slip off once in a while, its getting back on that counts!! :) best to start a fresh and cast it from your mind x
let us know how it goes !! x
I've had to go back today, I have this thing in my head that says that I have to be good for the whole time between weigh ins else whats the point? I know that if I hadn't of got an appointment for today I would have carried on all week and by next week who knows how bad it would be? I think I've probably put on half a stone, if it's more than that I'll really be gutted
I was so pleased as well last week because I'd gotten to my lowest ever weight on Cambridge why do I always have to ruin it all!! I've been 13 stone or 14 stone something for as long as I can remember, am I ever going to get to 12 stone something???????????


MUST get a grip
I was so pleased as well last week because I'd gotten to my lowest ever weight on Cambridge why do I always have to ruin it all!! I've been 13 stone or 14 stone something for as long as I can remember, am I ever going to get to 12 stone something???????????
The simple answer is yes.... Make sure that getting lighter is more important to you than popping the food in your mouth (easier said than done I know hun....)

Yes you can and yes you will xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hi Clare, It's time to stop messing about and get serious because you can do this! When I first started CD you inspired me with your positive attitude.

You just have to believe in yourself and have a contingency plan for when things get hard which they will. When I am tempted by food I try my skinny clothes on, or look at the inspiration slide show, or I post / lurk on here or on MSE.

I tell myself that when I am slim I will have nice food but not in the quantities I used to eat & that time will be all the sooner if I don't slip now.

I feel you already know that YOU ARE YOU'RE OWN WORST ENEMY. & you are making this so much harder on yourself. If you want the results you need to fully commit to doing cd without any blips, cheating or deviation from the plan. You can do this but you have to sustain the effort. Make this time a golden time, you have 49lbs to lose which will take you aprox 14-15 weeks to lose, maybe less. Go for it & by summer you will be in such good shape.

You can do it girl:D
aellon! Hello!!

I know I've got to pull my finger out and get on with this. I keep doing this, having a few good weeks where I lose lots and then I always have to bugger it up. I go on holiday on 30 June and I would love to be at goal by then which is just about possible as long as I have no more ballsups. I seem to have been stuck around this weight for ages now. In fact (goes off to fetch card) god I can't believe this - I was 13 4 last weigh in but I'd already reached 13 5 LAST FLIPPING MAY. Then yo-yoed until I gave up in August of last year weighing 14 stone exactly. Since I started this year I've gone from 14 11 to 13 12 to 14 2 to 13 9 to 13 6 to 14 4 (hols, ooops!) to 13 9 to 13 6 to 13 4 - so as you can see I'm still hovering around the mid 13's. It just annoys me (my own fault, I know) how I could have probably lost the weight twice over if I could just bladdy well stick to it!! I've even lost enough to know (I was 17 6 when I started) how good it feels when you go clothes shopping and have to buy the next size down or how good it feels to step on those scales and have lost 4 or 5 pounds but even that's not enough to stop these occasional binges that are ruining my diet and my confidence in my diet.

Phew. feel a bit better now I've got all that lot off my chest.

I'm thinking about having hypnotherapy in conjunction with Cambridge, has anyone tried this? I'm wondering if it will help me increase my willpower and help me to resist when things get hard.
OMG..........I've put on EIGHT pounds in SIX days :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

I'm absolutely gutted, I thought I was going to cry when I saw the scales.

I don't know anyone else who can pile weight on as quick as I can. Has anyone else ever put this much on in such a short amount of time? I suffer from PCOS and I've always put it down to that (that's not to say that I put weight on through that alone, I know it's because of what I've eaten but I've got friends who could eat what I've eat this week and not put on anything near to what I have). I seem to lose weight quickly as long as I stick to a diet but really pile it on the moment I stop being to careful. It's not just this diet either - I once put on 9 pounds in a fortnight on WW :eek:

Anyway I'm on a mission for next week - I know (because I've done it twice before) that I can lose 13 pounds in a week - well I've technically got 8 days because I'm not getting weighed till Thursday, so my mission is to lose 13 pounds once again which will make me the 12 stone something that I want to be.

So if I post anything along the lines of "I'm thinking about eating such and such" etc etc do me a favour and kick my ass for me please.
ass kicked............. now get on with loosing that weight ..............you deserve it xxx have a good week
That sounds like a plan to me! Get glugging & what about signing up for the April Challenge here on minis. Bang yourself down for 14lbs & stick to it!

You've already lost more than 4 stone if you can do that you can see it through to the end & get to your goal.

Finally, yes I will kick your ass if you cheat but it wont hurt as much as the ass kicking you'll give yourself knowing that you only have yourself to blame & that's gotta hurt so don't go down that path!
I put on 6 in 5 days so kinda know how you feel...its rubbish...ive got pcos as well....:) glad your motivated again ive had two weeks sodding about picking and binging but have 4 weeks today till i said i was coming off ss when i started and am determined to see it through to the end without anymore blips!

This morning was okay but this afternoon im starving and have a splitting headache but i know in 4 weeks time ill be sat here saying it was worth it!

Stay positive and the 8 pounds will be gone by next week im sure!

Thanks for the support gals. I've just updated my ticker - gutting!

Right I'm going to sign up for the April challenge except mine will start on 03.04 and end on 01.05 due to weigh day being on a Thursday. I'm going to try for 14 pounds, think thats do-able (is that a word, lol)


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I admire your determination. You go, girl. Looking forward to hearing your progress.
For me, days at work at easy, it's being around my family at weekends that causes my will to waiver. I guess my journey will just have to be slower.
ClaireLR, you get right back on the wagon and I will hold you there very firmly!

We will do this. Just think how much better we will feel at holiday time when we are at goal. Time will always move on, its what we do with it that counts.

Wasting time no more, I do not want Greenpeace to be trying to push me back in the sea in Benidorm lol lol :D

Theresa x
Wasting time no more, I do not want Greenpeace to be trying to push me back in the sea in Benidorm lol lol :D

Theresa x
Tell me about it. Harsh but True. lol:D
:eek: evening all. can i sign up for this april challenge? do you just right your weights down or something? i ended up having a pants weekend to claire. although i lost 1 1/2lb i don't know how as i slipped into a vodka/chocolate/pizza coma for the full easter weekend :whoopass:. i'm away in september so i'm hoping to get my lard off by then. i'm 14 stone 2 on my cdc scales and i wanna weigh 10 stone something (i'm 5' 5"). i keep checking in every night to keep my mind from not thinking of grub. any way gonna go to be now (it's only 8pm, but spent most of lastnight peeing) will see how everyones doing tomorrow. night night
clare stop fretting, its not that you put on weight that quickly... you retain alot of water from the amount of food you have eaten!

stick to CD for a few days and watch the water weight disappear as fast as it went on. it is not possible to put on 8lbs of fat in such a short space of time, so dont panic.
most of it is water weight so get glugging and get rid of it NOW!!!!

good luck xxxx
:eek: evening all. can i sign up for this april challenge? do you just right your weights down or something?
Have bumped the April Challenge for you. Go to the thread called April Challenge on the last post with everyone's pledges on click quote. Then remove the quotation stuff, add your pledge to lose weight & click post. Then once the challenge starts you update the thread with you losses. Good luck & may the force be with you!

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