Confession Time...


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i dont keep a food diary - cant be bothered to be honest. what i do do is keep a diet diary in which i jot down how many syns i've had (just number not full details), a note of my weight (weigh daily) and a tick or cross to show whether i've stuck to it 100%.

Just browsed back over january and it would seem that i have only been 100% 50% of the time - in other words i've not been on plan for half of jan.

sounds stupid but i've not really noticed how often i go off plan and its only looking back that's made me realise. i'm always moaning that im not losing enough well this would be why!

it's amazing how you can kid yourself. well i've owned up now. its out in the public. i have not been on plan.

stupid me.

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well at least you have seen that you have been off plan some off the time so you can make a conscience effort to change it.

I would recommend writing a food diary as it wil keep you on track.

Good Luck and onwards and downwards xx


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yeah i think i need to do food diaries - i just start off the week with good intentions and then forget. i need feb to be a good one so somethings got to change...... ahhhh why is this so hard!!!!


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I think we should have a 100% for February challenge - I really want to make target for the summer and not have to wear jeans in the heat rather than shorts cos of my chubbly legs so I've got to be extra good if I want it to shift quicker and stop saying I'll exercise tomorrow :eek:.
Would anyone else be up for that? We could update each other each day with how we've done x
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yes i'd defo be up for a 100% challenge in feb. i've messed around with this for so long i've got to start concentrating.

i want to be at target by 6th july. that's 7 lbs per month starting in jan - not really sure what my loss in jan will be as prob put a few on since yesterday morning!!!

thinking of joining the gym but not sure i can afford it and fit it in around my part time job and full time kids! but i think exercise is the answer for me....


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:asskick: GET ON PLAN !!!!!!!!! :D


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id be up for a 100% challenge.. i really wanna keep motivated, i keep getting fed up trying to sort meals for us all so much so i have started not eating unless its on plan and its really slowing my motabolism, im reaally bad for doing this in previous diets and i come to a stand still so i need to start planning and have loads of free food snacks...