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well been away this weekend for my birthday treat as my birthday was last week!
went to a lovely little b and b but didn't eat at all, then yesterday went to alton towers, about half way through the day i felt soooooo ill. had no energy, felt sick and headachy and was ready to faint, so hubby got me a chocolate bar!
i know i shouldn't have but it made me feel loads better and without it i would of had to come home at lunch time!!!
back onto my strick diet again today, just thought i'd confess but i really do think i would of passed out so think it was the right thing to do. any opinions?

dionne x
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Look you did it its ovwe movw on.I know the last thing you need right now is a lecture but look prepare prepare prepare, that is the only way to survive buy yourself the shaker in the chemist and all you have to do is buy a bottle of water pour in your powder and shake shake shake.You are out or ketosis and starting from scrath again...The headaches etc not worth it for one choc bar.If it ever happens again that you are out and have no shake buy chicken, fish or a block of cheese something pur protein and munch on that. That way all your hard work wont b wasted.
Oh and dont worry its not the end of the world but I think if I caved for one minute I would find it impossible to go back to square one!!! Its all or nothing and its mainly in your head cause if you had your shake as normal you have enough nutrients and should be fine. Look, good luck and I'm not judging you just trying to help you!!Now buck up and well done for going straight back on!
Great Advice from Fatty!:)


Says it as it is!!!
Lol ...yup i am with the cheese thing picks you up a treat and baby bells only have 0.3g carbs!!!
fattybumbum you make me laugh lol your so funny lol,but yeah great advise also a small packet of peanuts are good (not that i have done this) but done a little cheese the other day and my ketosis stick was not that pink so had to drink tons of water to flush that cheese out and it worked but yes chicken or fish is good why did you not have a bar with you? here comes size 12?????? well drink lots now and get back into it i have a few giddy spells now and then but have a black tea with 3 sweetners in it and it helps,well got luck and it's not the end of the world,keep it up and we are here for you love charlotte xxx
Hey I agree with everyone else but I also think It was definitely the right thing to do ur blood sugars obviously got too low, and that can be dangerous, if you feel dizzy, weak and sick again and maybe a bit disorientated you could get a glass of fresh orange, it will take you out of ketosis but bring ur blood sugars right back up again! Dont worry about it anyway it was just 1 choc bar, just get straight back on it again you'll be reet! :) I know its difficult to get hold of much healthy at alton towers! hehe xxx
Some perspective please........she only ate a choclate bar!!!!!!!!!! and came straight back on again....well done you. You must listen to your body , it knows what it needs.


Back on the wagon!
Best of luck with the rest of your journey hun! we all have had blips - just get back to diet and you will do great.....
Dionne dont even sweat it i know we are all trying to achieve the same goal and thats to lose weight and feel great but at the same time we have to be realistic when it comes to our health etc if i felt like that and had one of my kids with me i would have done the same thing cause if you had passed out and taken to hospital they would have pumped loads into you to try and help u but one choc bar and straigt back on is ok sweetie u r not going to pile it all back on just this once i say start again keep focused and remember where it all went wrong and be better prepared next time better to have 4 packs for that one day than a choc bar so good luck and chin up

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