confessional, strategy and yr opinion pls!


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Hi all,
well after my teething problems with this diet, yesterday became too much and I ate some chicken and cheese and drank 1 pt milk...good protein choices, but enough to knock me out of ketosis. TBH the acid tummy was hurting so much I just had to do something - and was 95% of the way to saying I was leaving the diet, in any of its forms....

...but I'm back this a.m. for a second chance. I am going to divide my packs into 6, have 6oz chicken spread through the day, and I took a zantac acid relief first thing (same ingred as gavascon) to stop the acid starting. How does that sound to you wise peeps? And do you think it'll take me long / be as painful to get back into ketosis as before?

Thank you x million for your help, and hope you are all having a good Monday !! :)
So pleased you got straight back into it. You can do it remember just think of one day at a time. Next time if you must eat just have the chicken you would have probably been ok it's the cheese and the milk that were the problem.
I still find that when I need to go back into ketosis it's never as bad as the first time but is that more mental than physical but it is still difficult bad head etc
Irene xx
Go for it girl.

Give it a chance and see how you go!

Good luck and good health to you hun

Hi Puddycat

I applaud you for jumping straight back into it. As they say "we learn by our mistakes".

I was almost joined you last night when all those food commercials was teasing me into the kitchen. I just grabbed a bottle of water and ran to my bedroom.

Well done, and keep up the good work.
Sounds good to me. Chicken will keep you in ketosis. I find that Tesco Rinatadine (I think that's how you spell it) indigestion relief are good. They are the generic to Zantac and much cheaper!
Thanks ladies for the messages and the hint Spaceangel about Rinatadene - will look out for those.

Well done jemax for not succumbing to temptation too!

Wishing everyone continued success :D
Wishing you continued success too!!!

PS I use gaviscon originall!!!
Hi puddy

WELL DONE for getting back on track :D

Have you considered doing 790 ?? It would keep you in ketosis and allow you a nice meal each day. The losses aren't too different from ss and, importantly, it would take away that horrid feeling you get when you think you've broken the diet.