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Confidence is plummeting again


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I felt so good today and really thought i was looking slimmer. Dh just took some photo's of me so i could compare them to 2 weeks ago and i look exactly the same. I have lost about a stone so surely there should be some difference? I just feel i've deprived my self of everything for 2 weeks (which i know is a relatively short space of time) for nothing. No wonder people give me funny looks when i tell them about this diet because it obviously isn't working. I'm now wondering if the cdc's scales are faulty. Whats the bloody point?
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Hey it's ONLY 2 WEEKS!! It took a good month b4 I could see a 'real' difference, you gained weight slowly, on CD it will come off fast but not THAT FAST!!lol I do understand your impatience though, just take heart in the fact the scales are going down, stick with it, another few weeks & people will be stoping you in the street to say how slim you lok, honestly! It's happened to me a lot, though no one except me & hubby noticed for the first month, which upset me a bit. Good luck, stick with it a bit longer.


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Hi rolo,

Well done on losing a stone in two weeks!!!

I don't know of any other diet where you can lose that much so quickly.

It takes the skin a couple of weeks to shrink back as you lose weight, they say four weeks to every stone.

Have you measured yourself as I am sure you will have come down in inches already!

Hang in there, it is very emotional journey losing weight.

I found this site playing with my own virtual model helped me a lot to see how I would look with each stone off! Have a go :) My Virtual Model - Home

Love Mini xxx
Hi there,
Please dont be discouraged, I lost a stone but not sure where from yet either as the tape measure is not showing it!!
I am sure as voodoo said it will take a bit longer to notice but well done your doing amazing dont feel down you have a lot to feel good about your doing it losing weight and getting healthier by the min.
Well done to voodoo too great weight loss.
All the best


Skinny girl in a fat body
Well done you. Keep at it, you'll regret it if you don't go all the way now. I'm a bit confused too. My clothes are a lot looser this week and I actually feel as if I have lost weight. I lost 4lb this week but only 1/2 and inch. Hows that when my clothes a loose and I feel different? Where have the inches gone??


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Thats how i feel. I'm wearing combat trousers that i couldn't even get up done up 2 weeks ago yet the tape measure isn't showing a loss. I was so tempted to order pizza (guess thats comfort eating as i wasn't hungry) but i didn't. I'm proud that i've just done day 13 with no cheating. Onwards and downwards i guess.

Roz x
If the combat trousers fit now and they didn't before - surely that's a good sign!! :)

My cdc keeps saying don't get obsessed my numbers and it's true.

In a couple of weeks time everyone will be commenting on your weight loss I'm sure.

Stick with it, I'm only at week one and I'm sure it'll be worth it.

Christine xx
Your starting BMI is about the same as mine was and it took about 3 weeks for people to notice a difference. Give it a chance, it really works fast and your confidence will go through the roof!!

Stick with it.
It is horrible I know, I think because it is such a rapid loss diet that some of us secretly do have to high a expectation, thinking that there will be immeditate changes in the way you actually look, myself included in that one!! I guess you just have to be patient and understand that if the lb's are coming off, then obviously the dres sizes will follow.
Just a though... maybe you've lost inches from places you're not measured??? Your tummy may have gone down but this doesn't necessarily show in waist or hip measurements, that would account for your combats fastening!


Have we convinced you to keep going rolo?
You've doen the hard bit. It really does get easier from now , & the rewards are SOOOO good!


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Hi Roz

It was about 4 weeks before those close to me noticed my losses and about 9-10 weeks before general acquaintences started stopping me to comment on my loss so far - now I can't get to the coffee machine at work without at least 1-2 people stopping me which is nice for me but it does get me dissaproving looks from my boss as I should be working :eek:.

As for the measurements - please bear in mind these do fluctuate daily and indeed throughout the day. If I measure in the morning, drink 1.5pints of water and re-measure a couple of hours later my measurements can increase by approx 1.5 inches on my waist and hips.

You are doing so well Roz - keep on going and I promise you will start to see the visual results of your effort and dedication soon.

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