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Conflicted about 1st weigh in

Hi everyone. Well i had my first weigh in today after 1 week and i lost 13 pounds which i was so pleased with, until my herbalife distributer told me that i'd actually only lost 2 pound fat and the other 11 pound was muscle which i shouldn't be losing. :confused: I'm really confused now and i feel quite down because i thought 13 pound in 1 week was great, but now i'm not sure. She said i have to eat more protein, any1 have any ideas what high protein foods i can snack on that are low fat?

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Oh what nonsense! And how do they know only 2lbs of it is fat. Ignore them, Id be looking for another distributer if the one youre using is as ignorant of the facts as that. A first week loss is usually good because its mostly water etc

And why have you to eat more protein did she say???

Oh and well done on such a fantastic loss - 13lbs is fabulous :bliss:
Thanks for your reply. I was told to eat more protein to build up the muscle that i have lost, but thanks for what you said, i am pleased with myself, and a loss is a loss after all! :)
Does she use a set of those highly inefficient body analyser scales for weigh-in? I wouldn't worry about it too much a loss is a loss, mainly water in the first week.

She is advising you to eat protein possibly because it's used to repair the body so she may be thinking "eat protein replenish muscle".

Cottage cheese (if you like it or hidden in smoothies), lean ham, chicken breast, tuna, low fat cheese triangles are good for protein snacking.
yeah it was the body scales that tells you all different things. Thanks for your ideas on foods, and thanks to starlight i will definately think about what you said.



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You won't have lost 13lbs of fat, I can guarantee you that but that doesn't mean that it's not a good result! In your first week you will always have a bigger loss as you empty out your glycogen stores and lose water weight, that doesn't mean that you've lot no fat or that you haven't done well though! When you cut down sodium and starches, you cut down your fluids and fluid retention, hence the big loss. But you're still doing really well and I guarantee you that you haven't lost 11lbs of muscle!

Your herbalife distributor is not a doctor, nor a personal trainer, nor a qualified nutritionist or dietician and so take anything that they say with a pinch of salt. Yes, you do need to make sure you've got enough protein in your diet to protect muscle loss, but that doesn't mean that losing 13lbs in your first week means you've lost 11lbs of muscle at all! Everyone always loses a bigger amount in their first week and then it slows down and the bigger you are, the bigger that amount is likely to be. Are you following a specific plan or just counting calories?


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Hi, I did herbalife for a few weeks but had to give up as the couple doing it didn't have a clue. They were literally reading from a script. Couldn't pronounce words properly and couldnt answer anything other than basic questions. They are sales peolpe, pure & simple.
I asked a friend of mine about the 'amazing' scales that they use, could they couldn't explain how it worked, and he (my friend) who is a sports scientist, said that whilst these scales can give you a general overview of fat mass, that the only thing you can take seriously is the actual weight report. He says that the only truly accurate way to measure muscle/fat/water ratios is either a full body scan or being hooked up to machines whilst submerged in a water tank (lovely huh?).
Anyway, if I was you, I'd get away from herbalife, as all they seem to care about is money.
theres no way you will loose 11lbs on muscle that fast impossible.. it will be water weight and fat and maybe a few lbs of muscle.. dont worry and keep going see hoe you feel at next weight in x
Hi Pinkpunkstar,
i completely agree with you re sammy's herbalife prob, but i also want to say thank you because i just came online for a disrtaction or to have a 'oh poor me what a terrible day i've had' type of a moan, then i was totally inspired by you so thank you so very very much for posting your amazing photos, my OH can say what ever he wants, i am going to succeed this time just like you have. x
mspiggy , if your OH isnt giving you encouragement then at least minimins can =] , remember do it for you anyways and of course you can do it if you need any help or advice message me or of course post away and everyone is great here xxx
You are not wrong there, minimins is priceless for support, if i hadn't found this site i would be stuffing my face with all sorts of crap tonight, but thanks to you and all my new buddies on here i NEVER need to do that ever again. x
Good , i used this site 24/7 in the middle of my journey and i have to agree without it i wouldnt be here now recovering from this tummytuck lol. x

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