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Okay, see if I can get this right!

I began CD on Sat, 25th April weighing 20,6. When the CDC came on the Monday she weighed me at 20,1 (the same as my scales were that morning). According to my scales I lost 14lb (19,6) in the first week (Sat-Sat). When she came last Monday I had lost 8lb according to her scales (19,7). She came today (a day early) and weighed me at 19,2 having lost 5lb - my scales weighed me at 19,4 this morning!!!

I have just based my losses on what my scales are saying (they're digital, so it's not that they're really inaccurate) but according to her scales I've lost 18lb in total (including the 5 I lost before she came the first time)

I'm confused?! :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused:
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I'm confused too.

Pick a pair of scales and stick to them. Go with your counsellors as that will be your "official" weight iykwim?

Start weight minus current weight = weight gone. If she says its 18lbs its 18 lbs.

Stop stressing pet, its going down the way - don't worry how just know its is :)


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What kind of scales has she got? Maybe they weren't totally set to zero?


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I've got a pair of digital scales but they're actually not very good! I can weight myself and it'll give me one weight, step off, back on and it'll be different by a fair bit! Could be that.
Just dont stress hunny go on which ever pair of scales you want too and either way theyre going in the right direction :D woop


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Could well be.
Do you think I should just go with her's, and add on the 5lb I lost in the first two days before I saw her?


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Right, have made the decision to stick to what her scales say (cheers lexi) and changed my trackers and stuff accordingly! Thanks girls!


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So according to hers you've lost more?
I agree, stick with your CDCs scales. I went on my mums and they said I'd put on weight when I'd lost 6.5lbs and they are both digital!!

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