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Confued about my target - please help.

I am 5'8 and currently 13st3lbs - lost nearly 30lbs (can't wait to be able to say I have lost 30lbs :p) and my target would be to lose just under another two stone yet now people have started how much more until my target and when I say that they either looked shocked or tell me its too much.

I have never been thin before and I know I am not at target yet - no where near but peoples responses bug me as I don't know if they are right or not. I want to be thin enough to feel confident in a bikini on a beach next Summer ... I have never been confident with my weight to do anything like that ever in my life.

I have changed my target to 12st so thats just under another stone and a half so I will change it if I get there and want to lose more but I just think it would be nice to know what I would look like at the weight so I know what I am striving for ... as I haven't been thin before I wouldn't know! I just have the idea of me happy on a beach in a bikini.

Is anyone the same height as me and know their target? Or any advice?
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I think target weight should be based on a healthy BMI rather than weight. That's just my thought on the subject xx
I was focusing on that as well - but I am near the top end of overweight (though not obese anymore :)) so I can't see why people are reacting to me losing another 2 stone as I think that will get me into the middle/upper side of the normal category.


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I've started getting the "don't lose too much" "You don't want to lose any more, you're all right just as you are" "if you lose more you'll look haggard "! remarks already! I've lost 31lbs and I want to get down to 10st 13lbs before I think of my target,about another stone and a half. I really want to be a size 14. The numbers don't bother me so much.

Great weightloss by the way!:)


I want to be fitter again
It would be interesting to see their reaction if they didn't know your weight. People are obsessed with the numbers which doesn't help us poor soles who are trying to get healthy even the minute a baby is born the question is "what does he weigh? " and then they reply with gosh a big baby or ah a small one. People just don't like change and they are probably worried your will change if you become thin and will not be the same person they know now. It's late . . does any of this make sense lolxxx


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It's all down to personal choice, as long as you are healthy and not underweight therefore putting your health at risk, then you can choose whatever you want. Some people say "I don't mind as long as it's under 10st" or "I want my BMI to be in the healthy zone", or "I want to be a size 12" and so on. All of these are healthy "weights", but different ways of looking at it and all have their faults. Don't use BMI as a golden rule as it doesn't take into account muscle mass or body build/type.

As long as you are happy and healthy - that is all that matters.

Natt xxx
Im also 5'8, started at 17st.2lbs now 12st.1lbs and people are now telling me if I loose anymore weight I would look too thin! Im thinking WTF im still size 12 on top and 14-16 on bottom which my dream would be a size ten although i do think that is only a dream as my hip bones are are quite big. So I think im going to try and aim to get to 10st7lb but see how it goes, if it gets too hard then I think i'll just have to make peace with it as ive never been thin, still find it really strange being called slim lol ive always been known as the big girl!

I went on a hen do a couple of weeks ago which I had saved all my syns for and all the girls were either having a starter or a dessert and I said sod it im having both, one girl who i'd never met before looked at me and said 'blimey where are you going to put all that food?' I was in shock, normally i'd get a look from people who were obvously thinking 'no wonder shes massive!' Lol

I have a friend at work who has joined slimming world as she had seen how easy it was for me, she used to be a size 8 so has been thin before but she doesn't want to go back to that she wants to be about a size 14-16 as that's where she felt most confident with her body.

I think you'll know when your happy with your size, you dont have to be stick thin to be confident with your body!


*sorry my posts always seem to turn into essay's lol*


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I am near the top end of overweight (though not obese anymore :)) so I can't see why people are reacting to me losing another 2 stone as I think that will get me into the middle/upper side of the normal category.
You are tall and in and general if you're taller you carry weight better. So those people who are telling you don't need to lose any more probably have no idea how much you actually weigh and would be surprised if you were to tell them.

I was the same. When I'd lost 5 stones I went to the hospital to have a cyst removed from my breast. It had been there for a few years and I'd been reassured it was completely benign but with the weight loss the lump was now visible on the surface of the skin whereas before it had been covered by fat. Anyway I was explaining this to the nurse and she said congratulations that'll be you at your target now then. She was surprised when i said I still had another 2 stones to lose.


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You will know yourself when you get there and you are happy with your body. I had all that before, my relatives telling me i've lost too much and don't lose any more, and that was me at a 16 and still overweight/obese. I sadly gained all my weight again but this time i'm determined that i'm going to be size 12. xx
i think people worry that sometimes people who loose weight will go too far, a healthy bmi is what to aim for. i read somewhere the average woman wishes they had a bmi of 22 which for your height is just under 10 and a half stone. but anywhere upto 25 is classed as healthy. its just wherever YOU feel comfortable.

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