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confused about extra easy ?????


Cambridge Consultant
hi i have tried slimming world lots of times and this time i am going to stick to it! i am fast approaching 40 and dont wanna keep lugging this extra weight around.....also i have a lovely holiday in december so want to get shot of some by then :)

anyway i am so set in my ways with red and green and so scared to try extra easy but the more i read of it the more i want to try it:) i am going to buy the cook book monday but i have questions in my mind and thought i ask you wonderful knowledgeable ladies for the answers ;)

1) if on extra easy do you have to restrict your portion size at all of your meat and potatoes/pasta?

2) i know they advise you to have 1/3 plate with superfree foods but some of the recipes i have seen dont have this? why is that? do you really need to have the superfree foods every time?

3) can you still make snacks from either green or red days ie. cous cous cake? sw chips as snack and not syn them?

4) also if you have a green lunch (say beans and jacket pot) can you have a extra easy dinner?

5) do you just stick to 3 meals a day and syns for the best result?

i have 3 stone at least to lose so i have quite a bit appitite and dont wanna be hungry :(

thanks ladies looking forward to your responses
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Wacky Jacky

Size 10 in time for 2010!
1) If it's FREE on red or green it's FREE on EE - don't have to restrict portions, but just to keep it "reasonable" - My hubby and I have big appetites too, but we've lost 10st between us so far!

2) The superfree foods are to speed up losses, so we try to ensure we add as many as we can onto our 1/3 of the plate! Quorn, chicken, turkey, tomatoes, onions etc ALL count remember

;)****SORRY BUT HAVE REALISED CHICKEN & TURKEY ARE NOT "SUPERFREE FOODS" - they ARE speed foods though - Thanks to "Vixxter" for pointing this out to me - Cheers! ****;)

3) Cous cous cake (free or low syns recipes) are just that - whatever plan you're doing green or EE - so yes this is fine! SW chips - again, free on green so free on EE - so go for it!

4) Yip - you've got the idea!

5) We add in LOTS of snacks, but we try to keep them very low syn or FREE, or better still SUPERFREE fruits such as berries with sweetner and frozen muller-light yoghurts!

Best o'luck'n'stuff 2 U - xXx
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shrinking granny
I have a question,

I follow green, saw a recipie in the EE book for tomato, bacon and lentil soup, it is free on EE. Will it be free on green?

I know that on EE you take the lowest syn value so, would it be the same on green if you do recipies from the EE book


Nojo on the YoYo
re superfree foods: Chicken and turkey are not superfree foods, they are red day free foods.

Superfree foods are the ones in the book that are on the yellow pages.


Cambridge Consultant
so is chicken just a speed food rather than a superfree food then? coz it has a S by it so i thought that too???

so for the day to be extra easy i can have a green lunch but i should have 1/3 rd plate superfree food and only have 1 a and 1 b otherwise i could turn it to a green day if i wish and have another a and b and a green dinner, so the option is there to change the day.......am i right?


Nojo on the YoYo
I guess you could change the day if you only had 1 HEA and 1 HEB and eaten all green all day. This is why i'm just swerving EE at the moment, too much confusion.

Basically all it would mean to me is that my second HEB on a red day would be more chips with my dinner.


Lover of Extra Easy
I guess you could change the day if you only had 1 HEA and 1 HEB and eaten all green all day. This is why i'm just swerving EE at the moment, too much confusion.

Basically all it would mean to me is that my second HEB on a red day would be more chips with my dinner.
But on an EE day you can have all the meat AND chips you want as they are free!

Some people do find EE confusing and I guess that it comes from being trained to think red or green.
I was delighted when I went back to SW to find they introduced EE as I personally found the green and red much more restrictive. When I did red and green I cheated quite a lot as I like both put together!
The 1/3 is a recommendation, and a good one, as it does boost the weight loss, but it won't matter if you don't do it every time. I don't, as not all recipes are suitable.I do eat lots of fruit so it does compensate, I guess.
It has taken me ages to get my head around to thinking EE - I now love it and so does my family. Tonight we had Fish Pie (My fussy son had 2 helpings) with cauli, broccoli and leeks also roasted veg,carrots, parsnip, red pepper, tomatoes, courgette. I am full so later I may have a yoghurt with some raspberries.
My consultant said to think of the foods that you can eat on both red & green plans these are your super free foods to eat plenty of if you want to increase your weight loss.
Give it a go it is FAB!!!

'DIET what Diet'


I want to be fitter again
with extra easy you don't have to have 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods. I often eat just supperfree foods for breakfast and lunch encorporating one HEXA and 1Hexb and then i can decide when i get home what plan to follow depending on what i fancy eating.xx

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