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Confused about the food diary

I've just come back from my first ever meeting! Everyone was lovely - I can't believe I was so worried!

I've been given a paper food diary to fill in ... but I'm a little confused :S Is it one sheet per day, and you fill in one meal for each section? Or is it one section per day... ie. 3 days per sheet?
Also, what do you right in the '....day' part? The day of the week, or whether it's red or green?
And do you put a smiley face in the circle? :p

One other little question too - I got some cheese triangles for my 'healthy extra' but I bought the Morrisons 'eat smart' triangles as they were a bit cheaper than dairylea. Is this okay? I couldn't see them on the healthy extra bit of the website so I'm a bit worried now :S I already ate 3 for lunch!

Thanks in advance! :)
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soon to be skinny minnie
Hi hun, one sheet should last a week. I usually put the day of the week in the bit that says day. Not sure about the cheese though, i think it is ok to use as a hex but you better see if someone knows how much to use. I think it would be 6 syns worth = hex, but someone will correct me if i'm wrong x
I'm so dumb :p I just realised that it goes onto the back of the sheet too. Now it makes a bit more sense - oops!
Thank you for replying so quickly :D I can't believe I didn't realise! :S


I can do this............
i went to my first meeting yesterday was really nervous but so glad i did it! i did my first shop today and i am hoping to do well this week! i mostly bought veg and salad and of course mullerlight!! i found this site by accident but im glad i did as it seems really helpful and friendly!
I did my first 'slimming world' shop after my meeting this morning, too :D I've been putting it off since saturday in case I bought the wrong stuff!
I got loads of fruit and veg. Including mangoes, which I've never bought before! Also bought some fry light, which seems to be essential to this plan!
I put one of my muller lights in the freezer, hoping it'll go a bit like ice cream.
What did you have for your first slimming world meal? :D It's strange, but I'm actually excited to have started!


I can do this............
i had salad with chicken wrapped in bacon and a pepper filled with cottage cheese was really yummy actually and i was really surprised i could eat so much!! when i looked in my trolley this morning i thought god look at me filling up with all this fruit and veg most of it i have never bought before!!!
Hi Button and Henna!

Welcome to the site and to SW. There is a great thread at the moment about 'what 5 things do you always put in your shopping basket' (or something like that). You might both get a few more ideas on what to have.

Ask lots of questions if you are stuck.

Button- morrisons triangles- you can have 4 as a healthy extra 'a' choice

Good luck, girlies

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