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Confused after 1st weigh in !!!

Hi all

I have just completed my first week on LT, have been weighing myself and on my scales have lost 10LB. Have been over the moon and then went for my weekly weigh in at the pharmacy and they say i have only lost 6LB. Im really not sure now which ones i should believe. Obviously i would prefer to believe mine lol!!

Strangely tho the friend i am doing this diet with thought she had also lost around 9lb and had also only lost 6!!!

I am finding it much easier on the 7th day and my urine sample says i am in ketosis but not drinking enough water so i will try and drink far more this week.

I am so happy and proud of myself that i have managed to continue because on day 3 and 4 i really didnt think i could do it. I am not feeling at all hungry all though i am missing "eating" which is totally different to be ing hungry and thats what i need to tell myself when i'm craving.

This forum is a fantastic place and the people on here are so lovely encouraging, when i was feeling down and about to give up i just read all the positive comments on here and it really has kept me going. So to anybody who is on there first few days just keep going cause the feelings of desperation do and will pass.

Thanks to everyone who posts regularly on here for the support.;)
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well done on ur loss sweetie.. im on day 19 now and going good:)try to weigh urself on only 1 scale as scales vary from lb to lb.try drinking more water also iv noticed drinking more makes my energy levels higher and i feel refreshed the next day


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I have decided not to weigh myself at all at home. Otherwise I would be doing it DAILY. I am on day 4, I am not feeling hungry, but I seem to be noticing how much other eat!!!
Like the other say hun, try not to weigh yourself too often at home, it can actually be quite de-motivating if the weight doesn't shift for a day or 2, but rest assured, if you follow the plan 100% you will lose weight, you can't not!
Maybe you'd had some water before your weigh in? It's surprising how heavy a pint of water weighs!
Either way, you've had a great first week, well done and good luck for next week!
A loss is a loss Hun I lost five the first week and the others are right scales vary the pharmacist scales are a pound and a half heavier than my ones at home but the weight that will be written down and recorded is the pharmacist one so I stick to that. Even though I wish I could go by my own lol plus i weigh myself on mine first thing in the morning on weigh in day in the nude (tmi, not a nice picture in my head) but obviously am fully clothed at chemist so may rye scales aren't so wrong rambling now good luck for week two :)
Hi hun this is why you see so many on here saying don't weigh yourself, it is in the initial stages so demoralising, we have all done it and we have all learned the hard way. In fact it is one of the things my hubby asked never to do again, because it is really an obsession.
Just 2 weeks ago I asked him to weigh me as I was having a pants week and I had 3 days to go until wi and I needed a little boost, at that stage I had lost 5lbs and my scales are the same as the pharmacy, so of course I was so chuffed as I kept thinking that by the time of my wi I would have lost more maybe up to 8lbs. Well I went to my WI expecting a loss of 8lbs and I had lost 5lbs, I should have been so happy with that, but I was gutted and it was all my own fault!!!
I do not weigh myself anymore and I don't want to either, I can see exactly what my hubby was saying now, that some little numbers could destroy my spirit is ridiculous.

6lbs is an immense amount to lose, go and shout at your stupid scales and just rely on your weekly weigh in.

Well dun x

Well done on your loss! Whichever you believe, that's still really great! :)

There could be any number of factors in the difference - people put on weight during the day (especially with the water we're drinking!), then there's the weight of clothes & different scales are just different...! There's no need to get too obsessed with the numbers anyway as you'll soon be seeing the difference in your clothes! Maybe take some 'before' pictures to keep a more visual record? I know mine have really helped me track my progress & that change means a lot more to me than the movement of the scales!

Good luck :)



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That's a brilliant start, well done!!! Weighing yourself at home is often a disappointment, as your scales can vary so much if you just move them. I tried mine all over the bathroom and they varied by as much as 3 lbs. As long as the pounds are coming off at the chemists, it doesn't matter. Keep at it : )

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