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confused after refeed

bit confused about what you do after the weeks refeed hopefully i will be doing it soon
after the week of refeeding do you just then go onto eating healthy, and what are the maintainance shakes and bars about is it them you have after refeed:confused::confused:
any help greatly appreciated :D
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I havn't done it yet Donna, but the chemist has a booklet about it, I got one today.
Most people think you should adopt a low-fat low-carb (low GI) type diet.
Someone will post info for you, I'm sure.
Best of luck with it and enjoy eating! :drool:
I have been advised to do maintenace for 6 weeks after my refeed week. Im happy to do this - just had summer fruits shake and it was soooooo delish! xox


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I have done refeed and i am going straight on to low carb (mix of atkins , healthy style and south beach) I am carb sensitive... depends on your body! I am not using the maintainence products x
I heard that the maintenance bars alone had about 400 cals in them!! That's enough to make me want to do low GI instead of using those things! :eek:
Just what I was thinking Gemma! That's a lot of calories for a bar, I'd rather have a low fat, low carb meal than a bar!

Any feed back from those who've used them greatfully received.



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Here Guen,I didnt notice before but havent you done really well,good on ya x
P.s just as a matter of interest,how much are the maintenance products?


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When i was away i did the re-feed program for 3 solid weeks and it was enough for me. i didn't crave more and was really happy, plus i continued to lose! From what i can tell, maintanence is about £11.00 a week. i think i'd rather refeed for a few weeks and then pay to go to weight watchers, to teach myself how to eat sensibly with a balance of everything x


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you can get free samples off the maintenaince products and all nutritional info details sent to you for free if you email/call lipotrim direct.

For free samples of the Lipotrim Maintenance products and you live in England, Wales or Scotland call the freephone number 0800 413 735. For Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland please go to your local Lipotrim Pharmacy.

Alternatively products can be purchased from pharmacies offering the Lipotrim Weight Management programme, or you can order directly. If you live in England, Wales or Scotland call the freephone number 0800 413 735. For Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland go to your local Lipotrim pharmacy, click here for an order form or ring 00353 (0)43 31969.
thank you for all your help cause i was just thinking of doing the refeed then a low fat diet and not bother with the maintainance just didnt know if you had to have them x
i dont think u have to do the maintenance bit - as they are so much more calorific than LT shakes - I hope to do my own maintenance - low fat GI'ish meals

in my head it will be something like this

Brekkie - porridge made with water with fresh fruit - blueberries halved, or fresh pineapple, or strawberries - or even a handful of frozen berries as it will be winter when i get to maintenance.

Lunch - salad made up of lettuce, and inch of cucumber, one tomato, some yellow pepper and maybe raw mushroms with grilled chicken, or grilled tuna/salmon steak, or feta cheese with a couple of sliced olives - dressing will be balsamic vinegar salt and pepper.

Dinner - chicken, pork[no fat], lamb[no fat], beef, haddock, salmon, mackerel, tuna, cod, turkey or gammon, with either salad or cauliflower mash, and whatever other veg i fancy lol havent thought about sauces to be honest!!

Desserts will be muller light or fresh fruit salads - maybe sugar free meringue - splenda not sugar! if it works

can u tell i have thought about this!!! Food really scares me so i have to make sure i have planned everything to a T!!


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Hey LisaLisa,

Your plan sounds really good, it's similar to mine, but be careful about your calcium intake, you don't wanna end up slim, but with osteoporosis.
My mum n granny have it, and my granny has broken so many bones! It's horrible, she nearly didn't recover from the last one because of an infection. If I find milk too fattening I'm gonna take calcium and Vitamin D supplements.

yeah i guess i could make mushroom sauce for my steak and chicken with creme fraiche, cottage cheese sieved and crumbled into the cauliflower mash maybe?? I will be having skimmed milk in my tea and two or three yogurts a week.

That should be enough calcium right??


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I would have thought so, but from reading around I've read that you need 1000mg of calcium per day, or 3 servings.
A serving is
240 ml milk (any type)
240 ml of yogurt
30g of natural cheese
60g processed cheese
240ml custard

You can also get calcium from other sources, but you need 9 servings of these foods to get your intake up enough, but I guess if you had milk, a yoghurt and 4 servings from these you'd be fine.

1 cup of nonfat or low fat cottage cheese
1 cup of dried beans or peas
1/2 cup of bok choy
5 figs
2 corn tortillas
1 T black strap molasses
1 cup broccoli
2 oz. canned fish, with bones (salmon, mackerel)
1 cup of kale
1/2 cup tofu processed with calcium
1 cup mustard greens
1/4 cup almonds
1 cup of turnip greens

I'm really worried about my calcium intake, it's gonna be really hard to eat it, so I think I'm just gonna take a supplement.


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