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Confused. explanation needed please.

any number of things can be in play and the body can do funny things as a result... stress, fluid retention etc ....don't worry about it .. focus on the overall trend and those 2 inches! Well done
Thanks, i think I'm going to stay away from the scales for a while. Definitely don't feel as bloated. Will concentrate on getting used to the plan for a while.
Found a slim-fast calorie and fat unit counter book in a draw at home, didn't realise bananas were so calorie loaded.It's going to make counting the calories so much easier as the foods in it are everyday basics.
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If my jeans feel smaller but the scales arent being very nice, I ignore the scales that week!!
Good plan!

And how are you doing on ignoring the other matter? I'm having no contact withdrawal but am determined not to let myself contact.. will only mean us going around the merry go round again.. .with the same outcome!
Funny u should ask GG...

the angers worn off and im craving and missing it although what bit I dont know but Im moping about again - not good!!

I keep telling myself i dont want to be an addict forever, so I need 2 get past this stage so that I can have a happier addiction free life!

But I must admit Im struggling and if he came 2 me now not sure how id react.. the angers subsiding, altho I need 2 remember he finished a 4yr on and off r'ship over then phone, when HE was in the wrong, and he didnt even apologise!!

I refuse 2 contact too.. but its hard :-(
I know the feeling. We had a brief text episode last week (he initated) and I finally said "I'll always care about you but I have to stop caring for you because ultimately you don't/won't/can't give me what i want" ...actually saying it made me think it was actually true. Valentine's day coming up is of course making me think about him (or someone? who know's ,...maybe i'm craving "someone" rather than him.. .cos when I make myself think about what/who he really is then it's actually quite a turnoff) but i keep distracting myself
what can i say? Bloody self help websites :p
I had a glass or two of wine last nite... done some "facebook stalking". His status was "suggestions for Sunday lunch pls?" (Sunday being Valentines). Couldnt not reply, suggested he taker "her" 2 my fave restaurant... Would u believe it; no response.
Bk to the real world...!!

I know I can do better & hes not worth it. Im reminding myself im missing "someone" not him, as he treated me like ****. And hes moved on so quick; is he worth it; NOOOOO!!!
Ah sometimes you have to get the dig in :)

Mine doesn't have facebook so that's something at least. But a couple of weeks ago he seemed to be on messenger and logged out when I said "hi". So i sent a smart text and turns out he was on the x-box lol.
Whoever invented Valentines should b shot.. dunno how i havent binged 2 day

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