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S: 76kg C: 67.8kg G: 60kg BMI: 27.3 Loss: 8.2kg(10.8%)
I’ve had a great first week, lost over 1/2 st (excuse the skipping between imperial and metric, 1/2 st sounds better than 3.5kg for some reason!) Istarted on a Thursday which I think helps psychologically. Previously when I was on SW, I had weigh-in on a Monday night which depending on how much socialising I‘d done was really demotivating seeing 1/4kg loss etc. I’m hoping that my massive first week weight loss will keep me motivated this time even when I slow to 1/4kg weight loss.

I’ve set my goal based on losing 1 kg every fortnight (1lb a week) as this is the speed I was at before. However I’m hoping that because I’m not travelling and eating out at work and there’s no colleagues buying scones, that I’ll do it a bit quicker.

I’m feeling extremely motivated at the moment which is great but won’t last so hope by recording my journey I can reflect a bit more.

I’m setting myself a mini-goal of reaching under 70kg in the next 2 weeks. Really pleased my BMI has already changed from Obese to Overweight.

Really need to take my measurements today

lots of great inspiration of these threads!
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