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Starting again


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I last did Exante around 8 years ago. It was just 3 products a day then on total solution so a few things have changed. It will seem strange having food with the 3 packs and nearer 800 cals rather than around 600.
My weight has always gone up and down but has been relatively controlled until lockdown!
I have tried to get back on track and failed so I decided drastic action was needed.
Ordered on Saturday and arrived yesterday so starting today!
One bar down.
I need to lose at least 21 pounds.
Feeling determined as I haven't been out much during lockdown and have been working from home.
Now though I am looking forward to getting out again and getting my hair done but don't want to go out looking like this.
I need to alter my weight etc but cannot remember how to do it...............
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Hey there :) You will lose that easy peasy :) You can have 4 packs if you dont want to do the meal thing incase you didnt know. What do you mean about altering weight but not remembering how to do it? Do you mean on the forum?


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Hi FaeFaeFiFi
thank you for responding and for the info. I have actually been quite enjoying the meal addition! I was a bit concerned it might make me lose track but so far so good although early days.
Yes, I mean on the forum. I don't know how to put my current weight etc - I just cannot remember how to do it and I am not great with computers.
It looks like you have been doing really well with your exante journey - any advice welcome :)
I am 7 pounds down after week 1 and am feeling much better for it. Hoping to stay on track this week and lose a couple more pounds.


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Ahh thats great!!!! Yes, thats brilliant, if you can do it with the food then thats such a good foundation for when you add more food later! I did 4 products and wobbled a bit when I upped the calories so I have come back down so I can be mroe gradual and in control like youre feeling :)

So under your name and the big burgundy E to the left, there is start, current and goal and BMI... if you mean that bit then you change that in the account details section. You get there by clicking your name and the E in the top right of the browser window... hopefully the screen shots help.

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 11.29.14.png
Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 11.29.25.png

If you mean the little pictures/ graphics underneath peoples posts, then you can set those up by clicking someones, as they are usually links. It will take you to a website and if you make an account it will remember your details, or you can make a new one every time you update it without an account. On the site I use, when it gives you options for how you want the internet coding, you need to choose it for a forum, and I think its pseudo HTML. I'll post some screen shots in the next post if you want help with that too. Just let me know :) Then, when you have the code, on the same place as you get to account details you select 'signature', copy and paste the code there and save it and it will appear under your posts then.

Dolly Rocker

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Just want to see if you are interested in joining in with the Exante Christmas Cracker challenge for 2020.

I only started it today, hopefully you'll join me.



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Thanks FaeFaeFiFi - I have at least updated my weight! Have been a pushed for time over last few days may do some more additions when I have time.

Thank you for the welcome Dolly Rocker :)

I am really hoping I won't still be dieting by Christmas but that depends if I can keep on the straight and narrow of course!

Into my second week and it has been ok. I wish I had more pots then packets as I seem to prefer the pots. I do have quite a few carbonara and shepherd's pie to get through but I could see me ordering more of my favourites before I get through the those to stop me 'breaking'.

I hope everyone is doing well - into July already................

Have a good day everyone.

Dolly Rocker

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The challenge is open for people with little or lots to lose.

It will keep us all motivated through the year as we see people who lose and go on to maintain their weight aswell.