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Confused friend


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My friend recently started lipotrim.she has been on it for about a month n a half on and off,having a snack here n there.she has lost majority of the weight she wanted to lose,but wants to go back on it for a wk.she started eating last thurs and has been having 1 shake in mornin n 2 meals since then. Would you advise that she does this?
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If it's working for her then fair enough. I've got too much to lose so I have to use LT as a TFR but I'm sure it can be utilised in a weight loss programme without the cessation of food. Her diet sounds like it's got more in common with the maintenence programme - I'm sure others will be able to give more advise about this....
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Yeah i agree with scaz... sounds like a maintenance thing - she would probably be better going onto the LT maintenance programme....can she not get this from the chemist instead??

The best thing I like about TFR is it is like getting cut with a sharp knife, its over quicker, other diets are like chawwing away at yourself with a blunt knife.... to me i like things done quick and easy! ;)

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I dont think so! Im no expert though - but from what i can gather it doesnt really matter how long you are on LT for as long as you are aiming for a healthy weight. The thing that matters the most is coming off it you need to follow the refeed, if you do that then it wont mess up your system.... if you got some extra pounds to shift and you have the LT products I would go for it and follow the refeed programme properly
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yay - go u!

Aww thanks for your advice babe.im gna definitely go bk on LT starting from tomorrow and stick to it till i get to my target weight :D xx
how much u want to loose? xx
I wouldn't be too sure about going in and out of ketosis, I think it becomes problematic if you keep going in and out but then again I'm no expert. But I would advise to ask!
about 3/4 stone,my target weight is same as yours..you've done really well so far! keep it up..one word of advice, dnt ever give in to temptation..u will sooooo regret it and then ur screwed cz then u want more lol xx
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I'm like Scaz, I have way too much to lose to do LT as anything other than a tfr.

Can you not chat to the pharmacist? Or LT themselves?

Good luck with whatever you decide.


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