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    A friend of mine is doing so well shes lost 22lb in 4 weeks on Dukan and of course i just have to have a go im a slimming world fanatic who has ventured all over the shop done lighterlife for 5 weeks earlier in the year and lost 2 stone so i assume a change is as good as a rest eh x

    I have got the just of this diet and am about to order the book from amazon in a tick but i have a few questions for anyone who knows .... can you have sugar free squash in your water? .... Can you have sugar free jelly in the attack phase? .... and is there a good or bad way of doing attack lol .... if anyone reads these diaries please feel free to correct or comment honestly , ive lost 7 stone another 8 stone to go doable i hope ....

    Anyway sunday 5th june...
    b-chicken breast (hubby thinks im bonkers lol)
    l-chicken breast chunks and prawns
    d-chicken breast and egg
    made a pancake thingy with egg fromage frais sweetener oat bran actially it was really nice just got a burnt pan lol

    i really havent got a clue about portion sizes on this kind of plan so its been really hit and miss today on the plus side its 9.00pm and day 1 is nearly over im not hungry at all and also drank loads but did have 1 pint of sugar free squash amongst water today also is there a limit to coffee ?? karen.
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    Ok first things first. Chicken three times a day? Prawns three times a day? Not very inventive and you're gonna get bored VERY quickly!

    Which sugar free drink? Can you post the nutritional info?
    I'd stay well away in future...

    There's no limit on meal size... so if you're hungry, eat, getting hopefully a little more variety in your menus henceforth. The idea of course is to teach ourselves to eat and cook in a more healthy fashion, with a view to stand a chance of maintaining one's loss afterwards...

    No limit to black coffee. Skimmed milk ok in attack. Once in Cruise, need to start measuring the dairy.
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    Yea yesterday was a spur of moment have whats in fridge day but being honest i really did enjoy it but of course your right id get mega bored easily doing that day in day out, and i will stay away from squash thanks for that and thanks for the info on skimmed milk....

    todays diary
    b- sugar free jelly and mullerlight
    l-chicken breast with tikka spices
    d-Ham+eggs and a mullerlight
    s-oat bran in a pancake was stunning

    all in all today has been fab foodwise ive enjoyed all ive eaten and not at all hungry either, fluids 1.5lt water 2 glasses diet coke and ice and 3 coffees with skimmed milk...looking forward to recieving book now to read how and why etc....
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    i found this list that piper posted thought it may be useful.
    for my reference day to day

    Dukan Diet 100 Safe Food List

    This is the big safe list, you can eat anything on this list as much as you want. Just remember to alternate Pure Protein days and Protein & Vegetable days.

    Very Protein-Rich Foods

    Meat and offal
    1. Beef steak
    2. Fillet of beef
    3. Sirloin steak
    4. Roast beef
    5. Rump steak
    6. Tongue
    7. Bresaola, air-dried/wind-dried beef
    8. Veal escalope
    9. Veal chop
    10. Kidney
    11. Calf's liver
    12. Pre-cooked ham slices (without any fat or rind)
    13. Pre-cooked chicken and turkey slices (without any fat or rind)
    14. Fat-reduced bacon
    15. Game (venison, pheasant, partridge, hare, grouse)
    16. Rabbit/hare

    17. Bass
    18. Cod (fresh)
    19. Crab/ocean sticks (surimi)
    20. Dab/lemon sole
    21. Dover sole
    22. Grey mullet
    23. Haddock
    24. Hake
    25. Halibut
    26. Herring
    27. Mackerel
    28. Monkfish
    29. Plaice
    30. Pollock/Coley
    31. Rainbow trout/salmon trout
    32. Red mullet
    33. Salmon
    34. Smoked salmon
    35. Sardines
    36. Sea bream
    37. Skate
    38. Swordfish 39
    39. Tuna
    40. Turbot
    41. Whiting
    42. Fish roe (cod, salmon, herring, nitillet)

    43. Calamari/squid
    44. Clams
    45. Cockles
    46. Crab
    47. Crawfish/crayfish
    48. Dublin Bay prawns
    49. Lobster
    50. Mediterranean prawn/gambas
    51. Mussels
    52. Oysters
    53. Prawns
    54. Scallops
    55. Shrimps
    56. Whelks

    57. Chicken
    58. Poussin
    59. Chicken liver
    60. Guinea fowl
    61. Ostrich
    62. Pigeon
    63. Quail
    64. Turkey

    65. Hen's eggs
    66. Quail's eggs

    Non-fat dairy products
    67. Non-fat cottage cheese
    68. Non-fat fromage frais
    69. Non-fat,Greek yoghurt
    70. Non-fat quark/non-fat yoghurt (plain or flavoured with aspartame)
    71. Skimmed milk

    Vegetable Proteins
    72. Tofu

    Vegetables (On PV days, do not have the same vegetable twice during the day)
    73. Artichoke
    74. Asparagus
    75. Aubergine
    76. Beetroot
    77. Broccoli/purple sprouting broccoli
    78. Cabbage: white/red/Savoy/cauliflower/Chinese leaves/kohlrabi/kale/Brussels sprout (all types of cabbage)
    79. Carrot
    80. Celery/celeriac
    81. Chicory100 Natural Foods That Keep You Healthy
    82. Courgette
    83. Cucumber
    84. Fennel
    85. French beans/string beans/mangetout
    86. Leek
    87. Mushrooms
    88. Onion
    89. Palm hearts
    90. Peppers (sweet)
    91. Pumpkin/marrow/squash
    92. Radish
    93. Rhubarb
    94. Salad leaves: all types of lettuce/rocket/watercress/alfalfa/curly endive/sorrel
    95. Soya beans
    96. Spinach
    97. Swede
    98. Swiss chard
    99. Tomatoes loo.
    100. Turnip


    Added foods:
    Bean sprouts - unlimited on PV days
    Lean pork and lamb, less than 10% fat such as pork tenderloin
    Shiritaki Noodles on PV days

    Add ons for PP and PV:
    Sweetener - I recommend Splenda
    SF Soda
    SF drinks such as Crystal Lite
    Garlic, for flavouring only
    Onion, for flavouring only
    Sour gerkins, as a condiment
    Sour picked onion, as a condiment
    Lemon juice, on food but not to drink
    Salt, in moderation
    SF Ketchup, in moderation

    Limited foods for PP and PV:
    1 cup skim milk per day
    4 pieces of SF candy per day
    10 pieces of SF gum per day
    1 tsp oil per PV day
    1 tsp Balsamic vinegar per day
    1 tbsp wheat bran
    Goji Berries, 1 tbsp on PP, 2 tbsp ov PV

    Tolerated foods (TF) for PP and PV (You are only allowed two choices from the entire list):
    1 FF/SF fruit yogurt per day (avoid on attack)
    1 TBSP corn flour per day or vital wheat gluten
    1 tsp low fat cocoa powder per day
    Soy yogurt (plain), one per day
    30 g of cheese per day (less than 7% fat) - Laughing Cow Lite
    1 TBSP of extra lite cream cheese (less than 3%) per day
    30 ml of wine (for cooking only), per day
    150 ml of soy milk per day
    100 g rhubarb
    3 drops (3g) oil
    1 glass gaspacho (not homemade)
    1 tsp soya sauce
    50 g of spiced goat sausage
    100 g poultry sausage

    If you have hit a stall, avoid all TF.
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