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Confused over Jacket Potatoes

I have tried to find this out but avail so now I am assuming.

Jacket potatoes are high in PP but mashed or boiled are not so high.

I am assuming its to do with eating the skin as this is the only real difference.

Now I don't eat the skin I like to take to potato out and mash it, so does this make it the equivalent of Mash Potato:confused:

Sorry if this seems like a really silly question :eek:
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It's to do with the water content during the cooking process - and boiling/mashing means the potato retains the water. Baking means the water evaporates, so ultimately weighs less - it's the same potato, with the same NVs, but smaller. (If this is wrong please correct me, but this is what I understand from the booklet from the meetings).

I always weigh my potato raw before I do anything with it, I use the NV on the packet for /100g measurements and go from there. However most the time, Raw, a potato is 1pp for 50g.

I hope that helps :) x


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I have NEVER understood all this either, so I have always done raw weight too.


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it is to do with the water evaporating when baked..hence lighter when cooked. they reccomend you weigh it raw but if you cant then the calculation is as follows:
100g =4
150g =6
200g =7
225g =8
300g =11
they suggest these values are based on baking an old potato e.g maris piper in the oven at 190C for 90mins (page 49 of pocket guide)

hope this helps :)

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