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confused with fat content??

Hi all, started xenical yest and bought some lean mince to make a spag bol but i jus looked at fat content and saw it 11g fat per 100g so is a no no...gutted was lookin 4ward to that bought dolmio light sauce 2....any other options i can use??
Also counted my calories yest and went to 2000 but daily fat intake was 19g do i conentrate on fat or calories with xenical??
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You can get extra lean mince I think that does come within the rules, or try quorn mince, it's very low in fat. I use a combination of calories and fat, I don't obsess about either but keep an eye on both as you really need to to lose weight. You can have a fat free diet but if you are eating too many calories you will still put on weight.
Have you thought about trying quorn mince instead? That's within the Xenical rules, and is quite tasty, especially when you're using a sauce.
Other than that, you could try to get some extra-lean mince from the supermarket. I think you can find some that are just within the 5g/100g rule, or not far outside it anyway :)

I count both calories and fat content to be honest, but I know some people do just count fat content alone.
I find that keeping an eye on the calories stops me from snacking on sugary things that are not necessarily high in fat, but might slow down my weight loss.

If you have a look at myfitnesspal.com you can enter all your details there, and it'll tell you how many calories you need to keep to in order to lose weight.
I aim for roughly 1500 but it all depends on your height, weight, exercise level, and how much weight you want to lose each week :)

Good luck, and welcome to Minis. If you've got any other questions, just ask! :D
We've done it again KB :D

Great minds think alike eh?
mmm spag bol. I'm missing red meat now but I can't be controlled with it so I'm going cold turkey (luckily thats a white meat :8855: ) for a while.
I might give quorn ago, I've had the sausages before and I really enjoyed them :)
aww thanks girls....tbh i was so gutted as thought mmm nice spag bol wit the family but no as its a 1000g pack id be havin something like 22g fat in the mince alone.
im on day 3 of takin xenical now and i must b doing it rite as not ad no nasty side effects and im not struggling to much, finding it a bit of a challenge gettin my head round countin calories and fat per meal etc... im used to doing ww so adjusting it to fit in with xenical i jus hope i lose weight i gonna weigh weekly so mon will b my first weigh.
i think i jus gonna av to turn to quorn meats- is meat really high in cal and fat?? oh boo lol

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