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Wants it Gone!
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Hi everyone

I hope all is well and people are getting through the Easter weekend ok..

I need advice from people on what to do but first I need to give a little background, so please bare with me...

I started Lipotrim about two years ago and lost about 3 stone on it. I was so chuffed with myself and although my friends and family were concerned with the diet, they were happy that I was happy too. Plus I told them a little white lie that the doctor had recommended this programme to me, which of course she didnt.

Anyway, I came off the diet, refeed, but I didnt address the most important problem of all- the relationship with food. My life became very stressful which resulted in all my bad habits coming back (creeping). Ive tried to nip these in the bud by doing weightwatchers, which for me was a complete joke.

So here I am now back in the same position I was two years before I started lipotrim and Im seriously thinking about starting again to stop the vicious circle but there are a few things that I need to work out first and here I would like to hear people's thoughts:-

Im not too sure when I should actually restart Lipotrim. Im in college at the moment and have an exam in two weeks time. I know for the first few weeks I suffered from headaches and definitely in the first week I was very lethargic and I dont want to feel like that if Ive to study for an exam.

Also, I have started playing badminton and the next set of lessons start on the 20th April and the last thing I want is to start fainting when I play, if my body isnt used to the new regime.

So my question is- should I start lipotrim sooner rather than later (ie this week) or should I wait at least until my exam is over and see how I feel on the day of badminton....

As I said, when I was on lipotrim before, I had support from my close friends and family but they have, at different times, expressed their concerns and hoped that I would never gone down this path again- the only thing is, Ive tried all other routes and I cant address the food decisions without making the wrong decision and then fooling myself.

So should I try and keep this to myself to avoid the heartache that I will receive over the next few weeks?

Length of Time
I know I have five stone to lose to get to my "healthy weight" but I dont think I can stay on lipotrim for that length of time. So my thinking was lose 2 stone on lipotrim, make myself feel happier about myself, use the time to address my relationship with food and really prepare myself for refeed and then continue to lose weight by making the right decisions and not codding myself that if I walk 10 minutes I can gorge on a whole chocolate cake.

Would this be determined as being an "accepted" attitude towards TFR?

would really appreciate people's thoughts on the above, you will be helping me out a lot.


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Hi hun I did cd but it the same priciples
If you do a low low carb diet for week /couple of days before you start LT also start on uping ur water aswell u may find u dont get the headache thing at all or not as bad anyway .The exercise thing listen to ur body ,I started to walk for at least 1 hour every day (often more) and 3/4 time a week i would swim 50 lengths after I had been doing CD for a few weeks with no problem ,I also worked 8 hours in a fish and chip shop 4 times a week so you can do lots just be aware how you are feeling and take a break if u need to xx hope this helps a bit
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I agree with the above comment about cutting out the carbs to lessen the impact of switching onto LT.

I'd say, you need to start when you feel it's best - I know for myself, if there are a lot of reasons I feel it isn't wise, I won't be as committed & might even look to justify breaking the diet.

I know that no one is that happy about my restarting - my boyfriend (who met me near my goal weight & got to see my hair falling out...) is totally against it & keeps waving biscuits in front of me. Similarly, even my Mum, who has done LT herself, doesn't like it very much. But, I just talk about it in a positive way & with determination & they're OK about it because they know I won't let them change my mind!

As for the length of time; I think aim for 2 stone & see how you feel - I didn't think I was going to make my way to 5 stone, but, I did & after I was on a roll, it didn't seem as bad as it had before I started.

Good luck :)



Wants it Gone!
S: 15st5lb C: 15st5lb G: 11st0.3lb BMI: 30.8 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Mandye and Han Han thank you so much for your comments, you have helped me to make a decision. I will start back on LT but I think I will wait until my exam is over, as you correctly said Han Han, Im the same I would use it as an excuse to start pigging out.

I think that between now and restarting instead of gorging myself on bad choices, I will readdress that and start cutting down on carbs for the await of LT. Can I ask a silly question: when you say low carb diet.. what exactly does that entail?

Thanks again you guys xxx

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