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hi everyone
i dont really know where to start but i do know that im sitting here is tears because im so low and confused. in 06 i lost 5 stone on lighterlife which was great but ive gained back 3 stone of it :cry: since then ive been on different diet with no luck (i get bored and give up). my confidence has gone and im now feeling really depressed again, we have booked to take to kids to disney on august (ther kids dont know) and ive been mucking around trying to lose weight but never stuck to anything for long and so im still the same weight:cry:.
so now i would like to loose 3st or as much as possible before the 2nd august.
so now im confussed as to which diet to do :confused: i know i need quick result and i know i need to choose 1 diet and stick to it, because we are saving money for our holiday im skint so i cant really afford any of the vlcd diets but i need to results they give.
so im asking for advice
what diet would you recomend and why?
what kind of results could i get in 13 weeks?
is it possible to lose 3.3lb per week?

i drink 3 litres of water a day
im not the most active person in the world but i do walk everywhere and im going to try to up the activity levels.

i think im so angry with myself for leaving it this late to lose the weight when ive had over a year to do it :mad:

so please any advice would really help me as im driving myself crazy and im getting very upset with myself, i need to choose a diet and stick to it for the next 13 weeks (which i can do if i knwo im going to get the results)

thanks in advance to any help you can give me

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Kellie, first of everything you need to believe you can change. Diets only work when we also have a plan to mantain it; so whatever diet you'll choose this time make sure you'll plan a maintenance as well.

Usually, the best is not to loose more than 2 pounds a week, but it varies between individuals.

Congrats for the water and walks, just try to walk faster during your walks (minimum 30 min); if you can run do it as well every other day. At home you can do aerobics, jump rope, etc.

As long as diets I don't know what to say, because everyone is different, but if lighterlife worked out for you in past, maybe it'll work now again;) And then you could switch to calorie count or weight watcher to mantain.

But, the most important, believe you can do it :)
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i agree maybe you should try lighterlife again and if not lipotrim is also good
and as Aline said beleive you can do and you will do it good luck :)


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i found that too that when i lost weight i couldn keep it up and always reverted back into my old ways so my suggestion is to change your old ways gradually into new ways so that there isn't really a much of a change. i think the bigger the effort the easier it is to fall back into the bad habits.

well done on the 5 stone first and foremost, its a big acheivement and not to be sneezed at. i would suggest 1-2lbs a week but others will say its doable to do double that or treble but i think with more weight loss its more of a shock to your body. aim for long term and forget about losing weight just for disneyland. cos chances are whatever you lose you'll put back on straight away after you come back from the 'goal'.

great stuff with the water and walking, walking is absolutely great for weight loss;) and think of it, 2lbs a week for 13 weeks is 2 stone more or less - nothing wrong with that!!

just to add, you might not put the weight back on after you come back but usually when i lose weight for something in particular and it comes around, i sort of feel in nomans land after with no goal and end up slipping back, you could be totally different so sorry if i'm prejudging you:)
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Personally I think it's important to find something which you can do for the rest of your life. Not just a quick fix for your hols in August. Have you been to Disney before? You'll find the majority of people are overweight & you will not feel out of place. They cater for the larger person.

I've been doing SW since Feb last year, my loss has been slow, but I've never felt hungry or deprived and it just fits in with everyone else. However, some people lose quiet a bit of weight on SW, it all depends on the individual.

Why not have a look at the various food diaries on here & see what you realistically could stick to.

have a fab time in Disney the people are wonderful, the parks are so clean & just perfect :D:D:D


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very good point about the goal not being their after your holiday and you relax and become complaciant again for another year, this is usually me.....

Anyways I have realised that it's good to have that goal/deadline but you wont get there unless you want to and commit yourself. You sound ready and just need to relax, focus and get on with it. Good luck hun. xx

If you did WW, which is cheaper, you could change habits along the way. A 2lb loss per week would give you 26lbs not bad. Better slowly off so you dont gain when you have 'normal food' on holiday as you are loosing weight with 'normal foods'.

thanks everone for your replies

ive decided to stop beating myself up over my weight gain as i can't change whats done, ive decided to stop trying to chase the quick fix as well. im going to stick to low fat and low cal and just try my best. if i can lose 2lb a week then as you say thats give or take 2 stone. ive started to increase my walking and ive got an airwalking at home which ive started to use, im watching what i eat and drinking my 3 litres of water everyday.

thank you all for your advice and it really helped

Happyholidays- yes i have been to disney before and your right i will feel like twiggy compared to some out there :eek:. it is a fantastic place and i really can't wait to go, we havent told the kids this time and im hoping i can keep my mouth shut until the day before.
thank you for your help
take care

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Hi there Kellie,

13 weeks is quite a long time really and I think that if you put your mind to it you could lose quite a bit in that time.

I too have lost it all before and have put it all back on with more besides. I think Happy Holidays is spot on though - you need to look at this as a lifetime thing rather than a quick fix. I've realised that that's the case with me - I can't just lose the weight and revert back to my old ways. The type of food I eat now, the portion sizes and the amount of exercise I do is something I will have to keep going long term, not just until I've lost the weight.

I don't think losing 3lb a week is unrealistic at all but I think it does depend on how much you weigh to begin with. You say you're saving for your holidays - why should a diet cost you more? Just try healthy eating/calorie counting! You'll be saving money as you won't be spending it on sweets/crisps/biscuits/cakes. Plus - and I can't stress this enough because it has worked for me - exercise like your life depends on it! You don't need to fork out for gym memberships, you can do it at home or go out power walking or jogging.

Good luck X


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Hi Kellie

The only diet I have found that works for me is Go Lower and they supply all my food and snacks except for veggies and fruit.

I have found the money saved on our weekly shop and the extras I would buy more than covers it.

I lose on average one stone each month, which is what Go Lower state you should lose.

Also I didn't follow the diet for the two weeks I was on holiday and I didn't gain anything at all, not even an ounce. That shows me that maintaining should not be a problem as I ate what I wanted on holiday.

As you say you need to find a diet that suits you and you can stick to so I just wanted to share my thoughts on my diet with you.

Good luck and let us know how you get on as you still have 3 months.


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S: 20st0lb C: 14st13lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 34.8 Loss: 5st1lb(25.36%)
P.S. I don't have to exercise to lose the weight with Go Lower

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