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Kidney beans? half a unit for 2tbsps yes? But on the tin it says 100cals and 0.5g fat per 100g which is half a unit...yes? I drain, rinse and weigh the contents of the whole tin and it's 255g...I'm telling you there is way more than 6tbsp in there..so what do I do? I'm saying 1.5 units for the tin...it's kidney beans not pure milk chocolate after all!

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Gone fishing
Might it be because the unit diet doesn't deal with anything under 1/2 a unit (unless its a free food).

What does it come out as if you use the matrix to work out the 'tins' worth?
It doesn't give the tins worth just the per 100g option. I'm going with half a unit per 100g and rounding up the extra 55g to a half unit...I did wonder if the basic food guide means heaped tbsps?



Gone fishing
Umm. Well it's 1/2 unit for 50g, so that would make it 2 - 2.25, but then the matrix works out at 1.5 units

Usually the matrix puts things at the higher end and you should go with the guides, but in this case the matrix is a lower number:confused:

I would probably treat it as 2 if I was doing it, but turn a blind eye if I happened to go over by a 1/2 that day
Don't panic.... :D

I have already queried this with Jigsaw a few weeks ago. They say that the values in the Basic Directory are a basic guide. They have listed items in their most frequesntly used portion sizes. In other words the average portion of kidney beans is 2 tbsp (not in my house ;)) and like Karion said Unit values don't go below ½ so they round it up. In reality 2 tbsp would be something like a quarter of a unit, if that.

They told me to always use the matrix if you have it with you. So I always count a whole tin as 1½ units between 3 of us! So ½ unit per person :)

Love Lou xxx
Yep, I thought 1.5 units for the tin too...glad I'm not going mad then...all these numbers all over the shop!


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