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First attempt at Slimming World... First attempt at a Food diary!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by lorniex, 27 June 2014 Social URL.

  1. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Hello everybody and fellow slimming world friends

    So I have recently started slimming world, in fact it will be my third day now. After a bit of exciting googling about syns and snack ideas I came across this site and there has been so much useful information on here that I thought I would give it a go myself
    A bit about me, well I started gaining weight just before I went to uni due to medication and personal circumstances but hitting uni and the typical student life hard I really piled on the pounds. Overall in around a year and a half I have gained about 2.5-3 stone making me roughly 2 dress sizes heavier. I then decided to give herbalife a go. For those who don't know what this is, it's a very expensive diet which consists of replacing 2 meals a day with a shake based on high protein and low carbs. The third meal would also follow this pattern and snacks would be low fat low carb also. I did this for around 6 weeks and lost a stone, but I like food and having a 1200 cal allowance along with my gym routine I was constantly hungry and skint! (The full herbalife package per month costing around £125). Safe to say I stopped this diet and gained a stone and a bit more haha! :eek:

    Well, I recently got fed up. Clothes not fitting etc so I walked to my local slimming world and joined up. Everyone was super friendly and I was so surprised at the variety and the amount of food you could eat :p I was so excited to start!

    Now these past few days, I feel like I am eating too much to be on a diet. These foods have mostly been superfree/free which apparently are unlimited but yeah...

    So I thought I would share my food diary with you and hopefully some of you lovely members can give me tips or share some yummy recipes haha.

    I bet you have read a million of these already lol but I promise i'm not too much of a nuis

    Day One
    Breakfast- 2 x weetabix (HEB). Muillerlight mixed with 100g low fat yoghurt (picked up the wrong one when shopping so 1 syn for that haha) plus a banana and a orange
    Lunch- Batchelors savoury rice, 2 slices of lean ham and a small salad...
    Snack: Tomatos
    Dinner- Chicken breast Roasted, with pasta in a homemade tomato sauce. I did syn my cheese which cost 4 syns

    Syns, 5

    Day 2

    Breakfast: Porridge oats (HEB) made half milk (HEA) and water plus a banana and a apple
    Lunch: Batchelors Cheese and Broccoli made with water plus 25g light light philadelphia (1 syn)
    Dinner:Slimming world quiche with sw chips and 1 tbsp extra light mayo (1 syn). Dessert was a mullerlight with 2 malted milk biscuits (4 syns)
    Snacks: Tin of tuna with 1 tbsp of extra light with peppers, onion and cucumber.

    Syns: 7

    This seems a awful lot! what do you think!!
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  3. That seems great to me!

    On day one you have syned cheese but you havent used an HEA so maybe that could be classed as your HEA rather than using 4 syns for it :)
  4. RB.1991

    RB.1991 Full Member

    Your story sounds very similar to mine, being at uni convenience food often comes before healthy food! Diaries look good. I too thought that cheese on day one can be used as hexA
    Also try to use your syns you have 10-15 a day to use it also means that as you get closer to target and things slow down syns can then be reduced slightly :)

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  5. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hello and welcome! Well if you think you eat too much try to count calories as well! I think it should help you;-) Good luck dear!
  6. BlodynAur

    BlodynAur Full Member

    It sounds like you're eating pretty well to me! I agree with the cheese and I definitely think you should up your syns in the beginning - you can use them for little treats so you don't feel like you're on a diet. I tend to use mine on chocolate and other little snacks to have while I watch tv in the evening!
  7. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Hello everybody! Thank you for your replies. I'm sorry I got back late, I promise I wasn't ignoring you all haha :p

    Well I had a weigh in today and I am over the moon! 5lbs lighter :eek::)... even though I thought I was eating waaaay too much!

    I have read through your replies and I should really say that I tend to use my 250ml of semi skimmed milk as my HEA.... hence why I synned the cheese but yeah lol. However because I don't drink a lot of tea/coffee and always use yoghurt with my weetabix etc a found that using 40g of half fat cheese as my HEA a much better option most days to go on my jacket potato lol.

    Syns however I dont like to use although I have been averaging around 6 a day but I don't know. Having choccie and crisps when trying to lose weight just doesn't seem right haha but hey ho! if its allowed then I should be taking advantage a reckon lol....

    Today will be day 7 so here goes my food diary:....

    Late Breakfast: 1 x wholemeal slice (HEB) with a tin of Heinz spaghetti and bacon with fat trimmed
    Late lunch: Mugshot followed by mullerlight, 100g of low fat yoghurt (1 syn) and raspberries and banana
    Dinner: Batchelors savoury rice, cottage cheese, large salad and some cuts of lean ham. Plus 1 Aldi benefit bar (2.5)
    HEA of 250ml s/skimmed milk used for tea and to drink!

    Treats: 3 single (25ml) vodka + diet coke = 7.5 syns?

    Syns- 11! ;)
    Last edited: 1 July 2014
  8. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Have bought some benefit light bars from Aldi and been eating them most nights! so sweet! takes away the cravings for me although I think this week I will have the bag of crisps that I keep on promising myself lol
  9. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Well day 8 of Slimming World and still firmly on plan!:D

    Breakfast: 2 x poached eggs & 2 low fat sausage (2 syns) + cup of tea (1 syn s/skimmed milk).
    Snack: 1 x banana and a SW light hifi bar (HEB)
    Lunch: Tin of sweetcorn and some lean ham chunks + mattesons fridge raiders (2.5 syns)
    Dinner: Homemade meatballs (1.5 syns roughly for lean mince) with onion with pasta in a homemade veg packed tomato sauce. 40g reduced fat cheese (HEA) plus a muillerlight. Approx 80ml of red wine with diet lemonade- estimated at 3.5 syns to be cautious.
    Snack while dog walking: SW hifi light bar (HEB)

    omg. only had 10.5 syns. I thought the red wine would have killed me off hence why i only had a splash and filled with diet lemonade!!
    This healthy eating is going too well for my liking :eek:
  10. GingerJV

    GingerJV Silver Member

    Hahaha wonderful that red wine did not kill you and you are back here with us;-) Congrats with great weight loss! Well done and keep going;-)
  11. little miss muffet

    little miss muffet Full Member

    Fab weight loss...keep up the good work :)
  12. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    hahaha, tempted for round number 2 and be really naughty

  13. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Thank you very much for your support little miss muffet :)
  14. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Hello SW followers or anybody that's interested :D. So day 9 and still going strong and this is today's food diary! Just a question for everybody, I know fish and chips aren't the healthiest thing but there's a family trip to the seaside and were thinking of going somewhere for a nice fish and chip on Sunday. So if I didn't have the ice cream and sweets etc and literally had a small chips with a fish how many syns and do you think I could still lose weight this week, bearing in mind I haven't been over syns once since I started?

    Day 9 of Slimming World

    Breakfast: 2 x weetabix (HEB) with fat free yoghurt mixed with a Mullerlight, bananas and raspberries + coffee with milk (HEA)

    Lunch: Tuna with 2 tbsp of NuMe mayo (2syns), onion and cucumber with batchelors savour rice.

    Snack: 1 x benefit bar (2.5) with cuppa (HEA)

    Dinner: Maggi chicken chasseur (approx 1.5 syns) with onion and pepper. Served with carrot, turnip and
    potato mash and cabbage (made up with 2 tbsp extra light Philly-2syns)!

    Maybe have a biscuit with a cup of tea later but am so full! Up to now today 8 syns :)
  15. snowbryneich

    snowbryneich Silver Member

    Hello and well done.

    If you buy fish from the fish shop and remove all batter it is free because the batter absorbs all the oil. Chips are 17.5 syns a portion (roughly 200g I think) on extra easy so you'd only be 2.5 over for the day and probably less if you get s small chips so I definitely think you could still lose.
  16. little miss muffet

    little miss muffet Full Member

    If I have fish and chips (and I do quite often) then I just cut down on my syns for the rest of the week....it works for me ;) and I've had a steady loss of 2 to 3 pounds a week since I started 12 weeks ago! Don't ever deprive yourself and you'll find it easier to stick to the plan!
  17. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Oh that's great! Should be pretty low syn anyway, Friday, Saturday and monday due to work so it's usually a salad lol. but have been having around 10 every day. Would have cut down if I knew :eek:
  18. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    Would chip shop mushy peas be free?
  19. Willbeslimjen

    Willbeslimjen Gold Member

    Chip shop mushy peas are free
  20. lorniex

    lorniex Full Member

    That's fab news! May take the batter off my fish and just syn the chips!
  21. little miss muffet

    little miss muffet Full Member

    Wish I had the willpower not to eat the batter :cry:lol x

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