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  1. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Silver Member


    I'm thinking of starting this diet tomorrow, but i'm confused as it seems too good to be true.

    On up days, can i eat anything as long as i dont go over 2300?

    Do i have to eat 2300? I think i'll really struggle to eat that much.

    I have 2 stone too loose and would like it gone asap.

    Thanks for ur help x
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  3. lottiebird

    lottiebird Silver Member

    Hi, I started yesterday and I'm going for 500 on DDs and 2000 on UDs. I read that you don't have to eat all those calories in a FAQ thread here somewhere.
  4. iwillbethinagain

    iwillbethinagain Silver Member

    No, you don't need to eat all of them, just make sure you eat enough. I must admit that I don't find it hard to eat that much, I found that I was under-estimating my portions (a portion of veg is two table spoons, a portion of meat is the equivalent of a large match box/ the size of your hand sort of thing), so in that respect it was easy for me to see how I had gained the weight! Because of my tendency to under estimate my portions, which I found when I did slim and save and had to weigh my evening meal and a 100g meat was a lot less than I thought, I have been really cautious on down days, making sure I don't eat too much but haven't bothered counting on up days, I will start counting if I find I'm not losing weight- because you could either not be eating enough up days (thus going into starvation mode) or eating too much to cause a deficit.
  5. superclaire999

    superclaire999 Full Member

    First 2 weeks it says to stick to 500/2000, gl lulu
  6. x Lulu x

    x Lulu x Silver Member


    I've planned tomorrows meals.

    I'm having blackberries for breakfast, soup for lunch, fish and veg for dinner with a total of 490 cals.

    I have a body pump class tomorrow as well sp hope i can stick to it. I'll keep telling myself its only one day x

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