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confusion regarding Ketosis


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Sorry to moan on about Ketosis, but I have a question!

I have previously( years ago) done the Atkins plan. In his book he states that when you test your wee using the ketostiks, the more darker purple it is the better and the more weight you will lose. So you are aiming to be in high ketosis.

Why then on the CD diet everyone is saying the darker purple it is, the more water you have to drink and you want to be a pale pink for optimum weight loss.

I am confused :confused:
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As far as I understand it - there is no degrees of ketosis ... you are either in it or not!

Beige/creamy colour not in ... pale pink upwards you are. My understanding and experience is the darker the colour - ie pinky purple - is dehydrated .. or first morning's wee - again dehydrated.


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S: 16st8lb C: 14st10.5lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.3 Loss: 1st11.5lb(10.99%)
thanks for that beverley, I know when I test myself I am always light to medium pink, and I do lose the weight be it slowly.

I am a bit unsure of which diet to follow not very good at SSing, so was wondering whether to do atkins? not sure what my weight loss would change to on this diet/


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Not too sure but hubby has diabetes, and in the 'olden days' he had to check for ketones. He was told that the darker the stick the more ketones were present and that was very harmful to the body but I can't remember why; something to do with kidney damage I think. So it's best to be in ketosis but have a mild reading because it means that the ketones are being flushed out and not building up. But as I said, that's as I understand it from a diabetes point of view so I am probably completely wrong ;)

If you're finding SS a bit hard going, you could try SS+ some people are having amazing results with that.


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It's because cd only puts you in a mild state of ketosis. On Atkins, you're aiming for under 20g of carbs per day, and on cd you're consuming around 43g per day.

There are actually different states of ketosis, as the stix are measuring how many ketones are in your urine. You should have less ketones on 43g of carbs than on 20g of carbs, so the stix should only be mildly pink. If the stix turn dark purple, it means you have more ketones in your urine than you should have on 43g of carbs, which suggests that you're dehydrated.

Hope that makes sense. :)

Jo x

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