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    HI all,

    Well as you can see from my header im considering a comeback. Ive found a CDC close to me and hes willing to take me on. Thing is hes going on hols throughout November which is when id like to start. He doesnt think its a good idea as hes away and wouldnt be there for support etc which is fair enough. I dont think a start in DEcember would be a good idea for me especially over xmas. So a start in the new year has been agreed. The only snag for me is my BMI. It is now over 40, highest its ever been. Ive been told i need a docs signature which is bad for me as i had to get one for LL a coupla years ago and was refused. Had to use a private GP recommended by LL and had to pay £45. Not really wanting to go through that again so will have to try get BMI down before i start. Sorry for rambling but its needed and not only for vanity this time. I have a 2 year old daughter and shes my proverbial kick up the a**e.

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  3. samuelsmum

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    well, well done of making the choice to come back to CD, it really is a great plan, that works fast!

    why dont you try eating healthy meals and snacks, and i bet before you know it your bmi will be under 40 and then you wont require a docs signature.

    i bet cutting out cr*p would make a real difference!!

    good luck
  4. sassy30

    sassy30 Member

    I agree! I am sure your BMI will go down if you cut out the bad foods for a while. Maybe try a low carb diet yourself and count calories from now until xmas. Enjoy xmas and start a fresh in the new year with a lower BMI:)
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