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Considering Atkins after break from CD-advice needed pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?


Mistress of the Dark
Hi everyone!

I'm Gem, I'm 25 (nearly) and currently weigh just about 18st. I started CD back in August 2008 weighing nearly 22st. I lost 7st in 6 months and got down to 14st 11lbs but I have been messing about ever since and put over 3st back on.

I have been off CD now for about 6 weeks and I have been trying to restart but no luck. I just can't do it anymore. I'm considering Atkins because it seems like a diet I could stick to and perhaps even enjoy-I also think my OH could join me on it and be successful as he hasn't got the restraint for CD.

Could anyone give me any tips or advice?

What are the losses like?

How does it compare to CD in terms of weightloss etc.?

Do you go into ketosis like CD?

Which book is it that you need to buy as I don't want to get the wrong one?

Any help is greatly appreciated! I have read Jim's excellent thread in the sticky section but just need a bit more info.

Thanks xxx
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Hey Gem,

I bought this book off amazon -

Jim and a couple of others have used the older versions of the book and i think there are subtle differences between them but essentially the principles are the same really.

My average losses are 2lbs ish a week, some weeks more, some less and quite a few sts weeks. I think you tend to lose less each week the less you have to lose though as your body gets a bit stubborn.

On induction we have 20g carbs a day, most of which are supposed to come from leafy green vegs. At this carb level you should be in ketosis yes which means all the good benefits of it, not being hungry, more energy etc.

Atkins took me a while to get used to as you have to switch your head from calorie/fat counting to purely carb counting. All the old ways of thinking and understanding diets has to go out of your head to make way for the new atkins way/concept. Once you get used to it though it's pretty easy to stick to and you soon learn what most foods contain carb wise.
Hi gem and welcome love, I can't help the CD thing,

Generally the more weight you have to lose the quicker it comes off initially, but 2lbs a week once you're into the diet is about average I'd say.

Yes you will go into Ketosis if you're doing it properly

Good Luck sweetheart. :)


Mistress of the Dark
thanks claire, that's really useful. i like the idea of carb counting because i am a complete carb monster and it will teach me lessons for maintaining!!! x
Good luck if you decide to make the move over to our side! :) I don't regret making the move. CD was fab for the results but i needed to hit the gym more and i just didnt have the energy whilst on CD.


Mistress of the Dark
thanks everyone, i don't mind slower losses than CD, i just want a more 'normal' lifestyle as i am at uni now and people have already slated me about not eating! x
Good luck Gem, you have done really well so far - you are still 4 stone lighter than when you started - that is cool! Atkins is great, plus it is more sociable than CD so will be easier for you in college. I got my book (the new one) on ebay for 99p:)


Mistress of the Dark
thanks! i just got mine on amazon for 1p! plus p&p obviously but still a bargain! i have 6 weeks worth of CD left if i don't like atkins so fingers crossed!!! x

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