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Considering CD, opinions please


A girl can try....
S: 15st3lb
Hello all :wave_cry:
I'm on ww at the moment but fed up with small losses after a huge effort all week!
I am considering the CD and just wondering if anyone has any advice or opinions for me?
I'm aiming to lose about 4 stone minimum and to start getting skinny minnie before summer arrives!!
My partner and I will be doing it together which is lovely as i'll have support at home.

It's quite daunting though, sounds like it will be a struggle as my eating habits are terrible!!

Muffin muncher xx
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CD is great because you will lose weight much quicker than WW (average is a stone a mth) - but it is a bit harder especially in the first 3 days (about) 'til you're in Ketosis. If you're determined than CD is really great - but be prepared to give up on food for a while.


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hey muffin muncher, well cd is brilliant it is hard and does require will power but if you stick to the diet you will lose the weight very quickly and you will be skinny minnie well before the summer, its good that youre partner is doing it with you cos then you can get rid of all the food in the house and not be tempted to cheat, the 1st week is hard but if you stick it out till youre 1st weigh in you will be amazed at the weight you lose and thats youre motivation to carry on, we all have slip ups but dont give in. i reccomend cd to everyone cos the weight lossis fantastic.

mel xxx

Serena A

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Go for it Muffin, I always had slow losses on every other diet I tried until I found CD where my losses, although not as fast as some on here, have been consistent every week.

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Hello - go for it - it will be the best thing you can do!
The average person will lose 1 stone a month doing this diet. I originally did WW but was putting on and losing the same 7lbs for a year!!!!
let us know what you decide x


A girl can try....
S: 15st3lb
Thankyou all for your replies! I have spent ages browsing the posts on here as well as the before & after pictures and have decided i'm definitly going to start!!
My partner is on holiday next week so we are both going to start together the week he gets back (3rd March ish).

I'm actually stupidly excited about beginning now!

Thanks again xx
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I too was on WW and find the weight loss so slow. Also because you can eat what you want upto your points allowance this gave me the opporunity to cheat more and i wasnt really eating healthy either.

Soooo i took the drastic decision to do s/s CD.

I am not going to lie the 1st day was hell. The 1st 2 flavours i tried i hated and they made me retch and gag and then in the evening i was starving and ended up crying!

Day 2 got better and i found flavours that are ok and drinkable and by the eveining i was in ketosis (actually burning your body fat not the reserve) and this gave me a boost.

I woke up day 3 and actually felt good. I felt happy and really energetic.

I am now on day 4 and still feeling good and had a sneaky look on the scales this morning and have lost 8lb in 4 days!

So to sum up yes it is so hard especially the 1 st 2 days but for me it is def worth it and the weight loss is a massive motivation if nothing else is.

Good luck what ever you decide.


A girl can try....
S: 15st3lb
Thanks for your replies! I am hoping that the 2 of us doing it will add effort to the will power, we can compete! :D ha ha.

Yummy Mummy, Well done on your loss in first few days! Thats great! I'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks ww is slooow!

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Go for it! I struggled for years on WW and RC. Started CD last June and have lost over 4 stone, and that was without Sole Sourcing (I did SS+ which means adding a daily meal!) I wish I had found CD 10 years ago. It has changed my life and set me free. For me, it really is the only diet out there that WORKS!
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Go for it! Its stricter but thats why it works. There is no brain power and you dont have to analyse everything u put in to your mouth. Plus you see results quicker which is always motviating!

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