Considering Doing WW.....Help! First Week Done And Dusted.

Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by Petal01, 24 October 2007 Social URL.

  1. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    OK i have tried almost every diet under the sun( the last one being Cambridge) apart from WW i think it was the points that put me off i was always hearing about people going to bed early because they had run out of points so i have never even considered WW before....until now! BUT i know nothing about the diet i can't get to classes and i can't afford the online fees, i don't know what foods to buy, all in all im clueless, i really want to get started asap! Is there anyone kind enough to help me please? :eek::eek::eek:
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  3. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    Hi Tracie
    There is forum jump drop it down and WW should be there and people will post here too . Alot of people find CD to hard , like myself , cough , cough , lol . I'm just doing my own thing now , i'm feeling postive since monday just cutting back really low fat meals slim fast in the morning , you know something tells me i can't carry on like i have been its got to come off
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  4. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Hi Tracie I have done WW and am currently on SW as that was the nearest group to my house. It was quite a while since I did WW so I cant really help you much on that one but just wanted to say good luck in WW.:D
  5. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Hi Tracie

    welcome to the WW'ing section. :)

    Ww'ing is a brilliant way of dieting and does encourage healthy eating, as most low points things are your healthier foods so you can eat plenty.

    It would be best if you can get hold of the books/bible that tells you all about the WW plans. There are two now, pointing and core plan. With core plan there is a list of foods which you can have that you dont have to weigh or point. You have 3 meals a day from the food lists, no snacking inbetween except of fruit or veg. Plus you can have 2 points of whatever you want a day.

    Pointing as you know is you point all your food up.

    I dont do Core, I point and just perfer to do that. Both plans have great successes.

    If you cant get to a class to get the books, have a look on ebay, there is always someone selling theirs, once you have the main book/s you can soon get started.

    You will get loads of support and advice from fellow WW'ers on here too.

    Ww'ing is a really good way to loose weight, I know I have successfully done it in the past, and keep coming back to it when I have strayed from the path. !

    Let us know how you get on. :)

    All best

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  6. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

  7. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    Thank you for all your replies, MsJMC that link is fab, thanks!

    Well i have had a look at Starlights sticky on points and im allowed 23 to 25 points a day!! Dosn't sound a lot does it :rolleyes:

    I have alway's had such a bad attitude towards WW i can't really explain why as im not sure myself although i know for certain im not keen on point counting so mabye that's why,but im going to give it a try you never know mabye i'll be pleasantly surprised.

    Hopefully i will start tomorrow Thursday 25th October 2007!!

    I'll probably be on here with loads and loads of questions but don't worry i wont turn into a Bethany:eek::eek: remember her? i wonder what's she's doing now although if i remember right it was the jigsaw diet she was doing.

    Anyway's im still a bit worried about these points but hopefully it will all fall into place and hopefully i can stick to this plan as im 38 now almost 39:eek::eek::eek: so i need to get my a.s into gear and make this work!!

    Thanks again everyone your all fab:)
  8. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Hi Tracie

    When I first did WW years ago, I too was pretty daunted but the amount of points I had to use. I thought NO way can I use them all up and EAT all that food.!! It was more than I used to eat 'normally' if that makes sense.! :), but then again I was eating rubbish and not thinking about what I was shovelling in. :p

    In fact, at work I used to take stuff in and they all used to make fun at me, saying you cant eat all that and loose weight...but hey.ho!! in the fullness of time I LOST and LOST and continued to LOOSE!

    If you follow and point it right you will loose the pounds, its a tried and tested diet.

    The points you have may sound a lot now but enjoy them as when you start to come down you will have less and less to have.

    One thing I would say is not to choose all low pointed stuff when you start, eg: WW bread (0.5) against say a normal slice of bread (1 - 2 p). WW yog (0.5) normal (2p) Have fairly normal stuff (just healthy) and then when your points allocation come down start then making changes from the normal products you eat for the lower pointed stuff. Hope that makes sense. :)

    I remember a friend of mine starting when I did and she went right away for everything low points and she REALLY struggled to use her points as it was a lot of food when having so much low point things. So she didnt use her daily allowance up and consequently didnt loose as well.

    Do use your daily allowance of points! DONT UNDEREAT! worst thing you can do. Time and time again people think by having less, it will work better :confused:. Its all about getting your metabolism to work right and not going into starve mode or binge mode etc. By eating the right amount of points for your weight, it will work, honest!! :)

    You can save 4 points a day towards another day in the week, when you know you may need more points.

    For me weekends I eat more so save some for then, so dont feel deprived if off out or I want that nice cream cake at town centre.!

    Another important thing to do is to RECORD everything you eat/drink. Make a food diary, its so easy to forget what you have had so write it down right away. Stops those forgotten points spoiling your losses. I have done it myself, but now religiously jotting it down again. It can be a bit obssessive I know but is the key to loosing the weight.

    Once you have the principals of WW'ing you can always come back to it if you have strayed abit (like me :D). Its like riding a bike.

    Deb x
  9. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    I just went to that site and i'm allowed 23 . I thought that don't sound alot
  10. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Ohh drool drool... you could have a whole banquet on 23 points :).

    I am on 18 :eek:

    I have great delight in finding as many low pointed things as I can to eat. You can really stuff yourself stupid if you try hard. :D:D:D:D

    Deb x
  11. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    Thanks Deb, some good information there.

    Well it's now 10pm and i have been shopping but didn't have a clue what to but as i have never tried WW before so heres what i bought.....1 weight watchers loaf...1 tin of weight watchers beans...laughing cow light triangles &hartleys rasperry jam i read somewhere that it has no points hope im right! And tht's it im afraid i had no idea what types of foods to buy r how to point certain foods gawd knows what im going to do for dinners i could try the WW meals but they dont look as if they have a lot in them, any suggestions? please? or does anyone have any links to point values for everyday basic foods like eggs cheese meat snack a jacks etc? any help would be greatly appreciated :eek: Ohhh i almost forgot i bought the WW magazine as well but havn't had a chance to look at it yet.
  12. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Hi Tracie

    Are you not going to a meeting hun?? You will get all of your info there ... or at ww online.

  13. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    Hi Jools, no can't make meetings and can't afford WW online, minimins WW and the Magazine are all the information i have im afraid.
  14. Jools

    Jools Gold Member

    Oh my god Tracie is that your boxer dog on your piccie??
  15. MsJMC

    MsJMC Strong women stay slim

    18 , i guess you have to drop lower to lose weight , one banquet , just think only having that all day lol, you would need to cut it into sections a bit for each part of the day , i hope its a long one lol
  16. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Morning Tracie

    ooh if I had a spare WW book I would gladly send it to you but its been borrowed by the brother in law! :D

    Knowing what the points value of ANY food is half the battle with WW plan. I cant speak for Core as I dont do that one, but here my days munchies to give you an idea of a pointed day.

    50g Choc shreddies + skimmed milk. = 4 points

    2 x satsumas = 0.5 p
    1 x apple = 0.5 p
    1 x med banana = 1.5 p

    Tofu + massive salad (and I mean massive of all free points stuff) = 2 p
    packet melba toast = 1 p
    2 x WW choc bars = 3 p

    Asda beef style pieces + lots free veg curried = 3 p
    (cooking in slow cooker as I type ready for tonight. Made enough for 2 portions so hubby can have some if he wants or I can have for another day)

    total so far today 15.5 points. Am on 18. So have a few left for anything else if there is room in my tum! :) or save them for another day.

    Plus 1.5 - 2L of water and black/herbal teas.

    Hope that gives you some idea.

    It really is quite a lot of food I have there to eat. :D When I am doing WW right I dont starve!! LOL.

    Deb x
  17. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    Hi Jools no the pups not mine it's a piccie i got from a boxer breeders website i love boxers don't know what it is about them but there georgeous!! I had my heart set on getting one this year but the rest of the family wanted a Labrador so we have a little chocolate lab puppy booked and we pick her up on 21st November im off to see her again on Sunday:) But i will get my boxer one day!!!
  18. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks, That melba toast is it 1 point for the pack or 1 point per toast? And the asda beef style pieces what make are they? and also snack a jacks? sorry for all the questions :eek:

    Day one and im feeling ok about this i still can't belive im doing WW it's a diet i had never even considered before, all those scare stories of being starving all the time.

    Also does anyone have the points for eggs please havn't had brekkie yet i will have it mabye about 11am hopefully im going to have toast and egg can't make my mind up whether to have scrambled or an omelette ohhh decisions lol

    Lunch and dinner not sure yet.
  19. Cavycrazy

    Cavycrazy Silver Member

    Hi Tracie

    The melba toasts are from Tesco and they are 1 point a pack. Tescos have kindly pointed them up on the packet. :D

    The Asda beef style pieces are from Asda, they are from the frozen vegetarian section next to things like Quorn pieces etc. Not sure what made of will have a look later. I dont eat meat so they are great for me to chuck in slow cooker and make a nice curry, caserole or stew etc. Plus low pointed :).

    Snack a jacks depending on which ones are either 0.5 p or 1 point each. (if remember right).

    Eggs are 1.5 p each. If you scramble or make an omlette, you need to add the points for any other ingredients used.

  20. Petal01

    Petal01 Still Climbing That Hill!

    Hi Deb,

    Thanks you have been such a great help.
  21. nails

    nails *Quornstar*

    Best of luck Tracie, I look forward to hearing how you get on :)
    Any probs or questions just shout!

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