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Constant battle with OH


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Ok, so last night OH asked if he could do SW with me - not a problem - may make life easier! He HAS to have meat everyday (is this a male thing to make them feel manly?) so it'd be EE or Original

Anyway, he then started to ask about how many extra HE's he could have as he does lots of sport/gym training - when I said none, it's not like WW were you can earn extra points, he ripped the diet to shreds :mad:

I know it works! I've lost allot of weight and when I said this he said yes but only because you don't eat! yes I have cut my portions down and have cut out the snacking on crisps and chocolate but still eat till I'm satisfied!

Anyway he has just gone on and on about how poxy this diet is and its really starting to annoy me. He has been questioning how we can eat as much carbs as we want (I've said until we are satified) same with protein. I've told him to just read the book but he won't, he just wants to argue :rolleyes:

does anyone else get this?

made burgers tonight and his reply was "their ok but could do with some cheese!":8855:
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Sounds like mine too. He has put on quite a lot of weight since he had to give up rugby, hes a chef so being surrounded by food prob doesnt help. One minute hes on the plan with me, hell have exactly what i have, can i work out his syns etc etc. Then the second he wants junk its all "YOUR the one on a diet not ME." So im in a constant state of confusion is he eating like me today or is he having a day full of crap food?


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Does he need to lose weight? If not then he can have more HEs than someone wanting to lose. When you are at target and maintaining you get extra HEs.

And why is it so important that he follows the plan and reads the book? The food you'll be eating on SW is just normal food so I would serve him up whatever you are eating and he wouldn't even have needed to know it was SW friendly food!

And quite frankly if he won't eat what is perfectly acceptable, good food then let him cook his own. :D

You're doing this for you so as long as you're happy that the plan works, which it clearly does looking at my stats, then that's all that matters.
I'm with Circes - tell him to eat what he's given or make his own. :copon:

My other half knows better than to complain about what he gets, and too right! Its darn good food that i'm putting on his plate, better than he'd cook! :rolleyes:

I think he should really be more supportive of you to be honest, especially considering how well you've done! You sound like you're being very patient with him, much more so than i would be! ;)


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He does want weight to loose - yes he has a higher BMI but the sport and position he plays require a higher weight. I think he's lovely as he is but if he wants to loose weight then I'll support him and it's only fair that I expect support back.

We share the cooking but as he also works in a edible oil factory as a chemist - he knows the "benefits" of olive oils and we constantly argue when he glugs the stuff in a pan to fry something etc - he can't understand that to me, that 2 Tbsp of oil is 6 syns each and IMO wasteful on my syns when I could be using frylight.

The reason I told him to readthe book is because this argument has been going on for 10 months on and off and I'm sick of repeating myself so I'm hoping if he reads the book he will stop questioning [annoying] me!
:eek: :eek: :eek: Honestly I think you're being really patient with him! Can't he see the evidence of the plan working for you? You're doing so well because you're sticking with it - he could be supporting you and telling you how well you're doing instead of constantly telling you it can't work.

Sorry, I'm sure you don't need me ranting on about it, but I know what a huge difference support can make, especially since its not always easy to lose weight week after week. you deserve support from him when its something you want so much. :sigh:


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Slimming World?? POXY???!! I just had half a de-skinned roasted chicken, SW chips, mushy peas and bisto. And i'm STUFFED.

Slimming World is the least-poxy diet you can do. Anything else actually IS a diet! Sign him up to LighterLife, that'll teach him!
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Tell him to take his cheese as his hea and shove it on his burger ;)


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Why did he want to start the diet with you in the first place, if he's just going to pour scorn on it? Silly man...

Where in Hull are you hon, I'm in Hull too x
Without the support of my Hubby, I could never have achieved what you have lost Leniloo. He should be proud of you, not making life difficult!

As others have implied, I think it's time that you put your foot down. If he doesn't want to eat what you've planned, then he must get his own food.

You're SO close to target - don't let him selfishly sabbotage your efforts. I wish you The Very Best of Luck.
Sit him down and give him the two options straight.

Either he wants to do the diet - in which case he should accept that there are certain things that don't always make sense, but work. :D That he should read the book - you are his OH, NOT his consultant. :p

Or he thinks that the diet is completely rubbish, (you are secretly going and having weight-loss surgery :rolleyes:) and that SW doesn't work. In which case he should SHUT UP :mad: and let you get on with the wonderful job of losing weight on your own. :D:D:D

As for cutting down portions, that is your choice, HE can eat as much as he wants to, to feel satisfied. Is he maybe thinking that he can only eat as much as you do??

If he wants to ask about extra HEX a/b's, get him to see a consultant. If he wants you to answer all his questions, tell him that the private consultants fee is £100 (or a very nice pair of shoes that you've had your eye on etc,... :rolleyes: :D :p)

As for how does SW work?:confused: I haven't a clue!! but it does for me. Until it stops working, I'm going to just keep on doing it!! :D:D:D:D


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I totally agree with everything everyone has said! I don't know how it works either but it does, and I love it!

As you said he keeps going on the plan then stopping, do you think after a day or so he loses willpower and gets jealous of how well you've done? ...so keeps trying/failing/trying etc etc while seeing you doing amazingly? In which case look for some recipes that you could make him that he wouldn't even know are SW, so when he wants junk make him something yum (secretly sw) instead...

...if all else fails show him this thread :) hehe. Chin up, and good luck getting to goal, you'll get there, with or without his support, and you have all ours! Xx
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:DHahaha, lmao. I'm so glad it's not just my OH who seems to pick faults with SW. At first he said,"No way am I doing that when on a green day all you can eat is veg" - he's not a veg fan:rolleyes:

Once I came home from my first meeting with my books and full of determination, I explained about what the day really mean Protein on Red/Original days and Carbs on Green days (which seeing as he has to do Phys every day would actually benefit from). So we started the plan together, just gave him more of the bits he really liked and less of the stuff he's not keen on.

Then on my first weekend of the plan off he goes and eats a load of crap, when I spoke to him about it he said "You're the one on this diet and I don't need to loose weight" :rant2::flamingmad: What a bloody cheek, no he aint big as his job doesn't allow that but he could do with eating healthier, so ensued a big argument when he then said "Well if I eat all the crap in the house, you wont eat it when I'm not here" :whoopass:. My reply was "Well if I was to eat anything like that I'm only letting myself down and no one else, just you wait till I've lost the weight and then see who's laughing" :D:bliss:

Since then he has been very supportive and eaten anything I make and if he wantss crap, he'll warn me and not eat quite so much in front of me. No I haven't been tempted to eat anything as I have loads of healthy snacks that satisfy any cravings I may get. The last laugh will be mine, well it was the other day when he ate his dinner and really enjoyed it then proceeded to eat a large bag of onion ring crisps and choc biscuit and was then :sick:. I had to laugh as it weren't the dinner, so must of been what he had afterwards but he blamed a headache. :silly:So now I just think of being sick after eating crap and don't touch it, he can have it :D

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Lol...this sounds so familiar!!!
My Hubby did SW a few years ago, but as he isnt a fruit and veg man gave up just as quickly as he started.
Now though, he doesnt agree with me watching the food intake after the gastric band...its my choise to follow a sensible Healthy eating plan, whilst he wats curry and other rubbish.
So...he does his own food, I get mine and Daughter's. We still sit down together in an evening to eat, but with totally different meals!


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Thanks all! I'm just going to continue as I am - doing well :D - sod him lol

Jester - I'm in sutton but go to the Portobello Street Class.