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Constantly messing up on SYNS


Im a newbie I started SW this week wed, and my SYNS have been over the whole week so far.

I measure and count everything, but keep on getting confused on what is allowed on EE, Red and Green days.

So for example Im on EE, I had pasta with lean mince with baked beans and I thought that was completely SYN free, until I checked again and there was a SYN for the mince. Which means that I am over for yesterday again.

I feel as if I am falling already, and I thought I was doing so well.

What do you do ? Any advise ??
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Why was there syn for the mince?
If it was extra lean mince and cooked with no fat added it would be syn free so that meal would have been syn free BUT wouldn't have contained the 3rd superfree you're meant to have with each meal on EE.
On EE you take the lowest syn amount or if the food was free on one plan it's free on EE>


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If it was lean mince there should be no syns. It would be good starting off to plan your meals first and check if there are any syns. That way you won't have any shocks after you have eaten .

Everyone makes mistakes starting off and still loses weight, so don't worry too much about slip ups.


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My advice is find the plan that suits you best - Extra Easy may be the one and stick with that for the first few weeks - don't even think about red/green for the moment. read, read, read, and then read the books again. then try a simple test - find a receipie that has the syn values against it (and it needs to have a few syns in it) and then try to work out which ingredients in that receipie are the ones causing the syns to be there. (remember though - a receipie will typically be for 2/4 or more people and the syn count will be a per serving amount not the whole dish).

Use your books if need be, but this (at least when i started and i still go back and do this from time to time) helped me get my head around it all.

In terms of mince (of any kind) it's only extra lean mince that's free. that said - lean mince is relatively low in syns.

The other thing is that I agree with eternity had to say - plan your meals for the week (with some flexibility of what day you'll eat what) - and calculate the syns BEFORE you cook/shop/whatever.



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I started at the end of april and only did EE until I got used to everything. Have started to slot some green days in now so I'm getting my head around those. As the others say, refer to your book for advice - mine was very well thumbed for the first couple of weeks! If you can afford t, buy a recipe book or 2 from class (or even just write some down from sample copies during the session) or search on here for key ingredients to get recipe ideas or on the SW website and plan a few meals in advance so you can buy what you need on a weekly basis or so.

It does get easier - keep at it!!


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You wouldn't expect to go to one French evening class and be able to speak fluently. It will take a while to get used to SW and yes you may make mistakes. But it's a learning process!

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