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Constipated? 100% Sh*tter's Club


Step away from the chips!
At the minute nothing makes me go the loo :sigh: I'm getting mightily fed up now. Even resorted to taking a laxative, which i normally avoid like the plague, but still no go (if you pardon the pun :eek:)
My stomach is like a football & hard as a rock and i feel soooooooo bunged up. Yuk yuk yuk!
No idea what to do - have tried most of the "remedies" allowed on CD, i take a fibre suplement daily and still NOTHING! Raaaaaarrrrrr!
Might try your leg raising exercises though - anythings worth a try :rolleyes::)
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diet coke, coffee or a cigarette normally works a treat!

i dont smoke anymore but a diet coke works wonders...

great tips above though. i suffer from ibs and hardly ever have a movement so its good to know im not alone and there are some solutions.

thanks x


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a couple of cups of very very strong coffee do it for me if need be. failing that i take a sennokot (sp) for two days in a row and get sorted...

abz xx


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Have been taking senokot at night and two tsps of coffee in my morning cappuccino shake. Still don't feel emptied but some movement is better than none! :)
Whilst the above could be good advice in general life, on CD please do not use anything with sugar, citric acid, etc etc.

If you are prone to constipation and you are on CD please use the Fibre 89 twice a day or the psyllium husks to prevent constipation.

If already constipated use Sennokot and glycerine suppositories to relieve the problem then continue with the Fibre 89 or psyllium husks each day do not wait until you get constipated - prevent it.


Step away from the chips!
Linda i do use the Fibre89 twice a day and have done - either it or Psyllium Husks - since the 2nd week and i still ruddy cant go lol :rolleyes::eek:

I fear i may soon explode!
After struggling with constipation all the way through CD i decided i was not taking anymore laxatives. I had took dulcolax every week for 4 weeks but you can't keep that up or your bowel gets lazy and you would end up not being able to go even after finishing CD. I had tried the psyllium husk and the fibre89 (which sorry to say is crap - pardon the pun!) I went back to the PH after a chat with holland and barrett and discovered that if i took 4 capsules twice a day - yeehaa - i went every other day. So anyone struggling, take the psyllium husk and play about with the dosage until you get the right amount for your body.


Step away from the chips!
Have to say Shazzy the most regular i've been was when i was using Fibresure PH tablets. I went every day when i was using those. Switched to the "raw" PH and everything stopped. Switched to Fibre89 and things were ok for a while, then dwindled to maybe twice a week then once a week and now nothing :confused:
I try to avoid taking a laxative (unless desperate) for the very reason you have mentioned. I had to pretty much rely on Lactulose after my son was born and it took an age for things to right themselves and i dont want to go there again.
Think i'll get me some PH tablets after i finish work in the morning and give them a whirl again.


This is the last time!!
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I find taking my DS and having a good game of Scrabble helps me 'go'. Likewise, reading helps too.
I used to be regular as clockwork, every morning without fail and occasional afternoons/evenings too. Now, it seems to be that I go for a few days in a row then nothing for 2-3 days, then I 'give birth' to a huge and painful one (like this morning) and then back to the start again.
Have to say, botty is somewhat tender after this morning's shenanigans :(


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I think there is a good tip in icemooses TT diary. He says something like if you drink 2 pints of water in one go then after a little while you can 'go'.
It's worth a try.


Step away from the chips!
I have a rather unorthodox one too - lmao though this may just work for mad old me :eek::D

I find if i go grocery shopping, i wont be in the supermarket 15 mins til i'm absolutely dying to go, like RIGHT NOW, and have to run off abandoning my half full trolley as i make a mad dash to the ladies. This has been the case for as many years as i can remember.

But as i said that one just might work for me :eek:
I just wanted to pop in and say that the tittle to this thread is so funny, lol, i cant stop laughing, lol. xx


please try again
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lol great title!
well ive been having this problem since starting back but today ahhhh bliss!
im now using 12 caps of ph per day and 2 sachets of plain movicol ( some of the flavoured type could contain citric acid ) tis now working for me :)
well i just wanted to let ye know that i have went now, took 2 more PH tabs this morning. It was so breezy no pain :D hopefully il be a few pounds lighter in the morn :) xx


getting slimmer
ive been having this problem too, havent been since fri, so just been down to get some fibresure.
buy one get one half price in superdrug, so i got one powder and one capusle.
anybody know which one is better?
thanks!! x
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please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
both work the same just depends if you want it in ur water or shakes or if u prefer to just swallow the tabs and let ur stomach do the rest

i use caps because of people reporting that they left the porrige too long and it went slimy, am such a girl about things that are ikky, lol


getting slimmer
can you make the porridge with fibresure?? how??

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