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Size 14 here i come!
I take fibre clear always have on LT, it WON'T take you out of ketosis i promise, lipotrim advise you to take it. hth
Thankyou do you take it offten did realy get info with it?
I suffered terrible with this, really really bad and so painfull, the worse feeling ever, i thought i was going to have to go the hospital once cause i couldnt go and pain was so bad... I tried everything.... I found ducolax too strong on my stomach and made me feel sick and as if I had a bug... I then got duphalac and it worked great... just a spoonfull and it is a stool softner.. now they said it could take me out of ketoisis but was very unlikely with the amount i would need to take off it but i didnt care, it works great... so I take it once a week if I need too... I couldnt go without it now, always have a bottle at home just in case i need it...

Fibre clear is great to take daily but is no good when you can not go as it makes you worse so once you do go then it is good to use this all the time then and that should help...


Size 14 here i come!
Hi Karen
Fibre clear works for me, i take 2 teaspoons of it in a glass of water every morning. It doesn't mean i never get constipated but it helps and it's not very often it happens. I wouldn't do LT without it personally, i even use it when i'm not on LT too. If you are still concerned talk to your chemist about it but you will stay in ketosis, quite alot of people on this site use it with LT.

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
It is very important to take a fibre supplement as this helps you to keep moving. The bowel can get lazy while on tfr and it is important to take a fibre supplement such as fibreclear or fibresure or psyllium husks. Everyone takes as much of them as they need to keep them regular enough. While on tfr you will be fine if you are going every other day or so. Personally, I take two or four psyllium husks every day and only very occasionally do I feel a bit bunged up!!

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