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Constipation...help.... sorry to ask!!


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Hi all my name is Gem and i am 28, i have tried slimming world before but to be honest, i was not in the right place to be starting as my operation for back surgery was brought forward and it was too much...

I started back on Monday and all is going great, i mainly do green days as its easier for me. I have my healthy A and B choices, and syns...

Now the problem.. Since tuesday i havent been to the toilet.. is this normal... i will obviously take something tonight to help this, but just wondered if anyone had similar problems when they started...


Gem xx
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Hi Gem :wavey:

I had this problem when I started SW :eek: Drinking plenty of water seems to do the trick for me though, quite easy to do now especially as it's getting warmer.

Eat plenty of fresh fruit especially oranges if you can, prunes also get things "moving" but you will have to Syn these.

Good luck :)
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Ooh! It's no fun being 'bunged up'!

Just a couple of points - are you drinking enough fluid as this can play a major part in keeping things moving, so to speak. And are you also eating your 5 a day as well? I found that when I started SW I had the opposite problem as my body wasn't used to all the fibre.

If you do find yourself having problems try making sure you drink enough and pack those fruit and veg in. I rarely have a problem as I try to eat pulses 3-4 times a week and I only use whole grains but my DS does have an issue sometimes - I find a bowl of spicy spinach (nom,nom!) or stewed rhubarb takes care of the problem in a gentle but oh, so effective, way!

You will probably find that once your body gets used to this way of eating things will sort themselves out.


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I swear by activia (fat free!!!) to sort out my tummy. I have 1 scan bran with 1oz porridge cooked with water for breakfast, with the activia mixed in once it's done. Extra fruit added in is good too - I get frozen cherries, raspberries and fruit salad so that they're always in the house.


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Lucky, what do you do with the scan bran? Do you eat it on it's own or does it dissolve in the porridge? Tried one today for the first time and it was revolting lol :eek: I reckon a few of those would sort out your problem Gem! ;) Hope you get it sorted because it can be really painful :wave_cry:


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I break it up into little pieces in a microwaveable jug and just cover with boiling water, then break it up when it's softened. Then I add the porridge oats and cover with hot water and microwave for 2 mins on med-high. Stir in the activia (cherry or vanilla is my fave) and a tablespoon of sweetener. Yum yum!
It is a more branny taste than 'normal' porridge, but I like that. It kind of reminds me of digestive biscuits.


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Thank you all so much to be honest i dont think i am drinking enough, so i will be changing things today, thank you so much for your help support and most importantly advice.. off to tesco now.. the joys... i am dreading it.. will let you know if i make it back lol... hpe your all enjoying the weather. Gem xx


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Drinking plenty of water daily, eating lots of fruit and veggie's, extra fibre too in either Scan Bran or breakfast cereals, and if you really need to go - then a couple of senekot's as a last resort will work - (only ocassionly though).

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