constipation!! help


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dulcolax, will get you going, when I was on lipotrim it was suggested to take them on a regular basis


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I have suffered from the start, take morrisons own laxatives (usually only one at a time) and started using psyllium husks a couple of months in, still need the laxatives though................when I am on the add a meal week I am much better, must be the veggies.
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thanks girls i will be off to morrisons today, weighed in today, at 7lb lost :) wow well done quak, amazing, how do u get that ticker thing?


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If your pretty IT clued up then just google ticker factory and follow the instructions, although I am not sure you will have enough posts to add it to your signature but you maybe able to.


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I am on day 7 .The same! Just keep drinking the water .You find that it should sort its self out.Most diets are the same the first couple of weeks your body is trying to understand what you are doing.How much have you lost in the first week .I have lost 6 pounds feels like more. My skin looks great from all the water .And i rarekt get hungry which is good.


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I used senekot whilst on Lipotrim and had to at least once a week :(