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constipation please help


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Hi there...

Not sure if it is normal think it can be a side effect..Are you drinking enough water and are you taking fibre suppliments they may help.

Not sure if they are "allowed" on CD but I have aloe vera tablets that I take to help my IBs I get them from holland and barrett..taken at night they encourage movment ;)
I use Psylium Husk tabs can get them from H&B aswell. but now if you havent taken anything so far you need to get something like senakot or something to get things moving then afterwards use something everyday to prevent it happening again :)


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Constipation is a common side effect, you can get Fibre 89 from your CDC to add to your shakes etc or you can buy Fibresure and add that to your shakes and makesure you drink enough water as this also helps, don't let it get out of hand though and if you haven't 'been for a few days and are starting to get uncomfortable you can take a dose of sennakot which normally does the trick :)
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try senocot it works it helps :) my CDC recommended it then if it continues get some fibre 89 at your next CDC meeting


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Sorry to hear of your pain.
senakot is what most people reccommend, then talk to your cdc and get some fibre89, just add it to your shakes and it should keep constipation away.
Good Luck Hun x
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Sorry been taking Fibre89 since Tuesday, four teaspoons this am, and no still result! :confused: Will have to resort to Dulcolax the only thing that works for me. :sigh:
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just take 1x Dulcolax as it can be very painful cramping etc ... sadly i suffer with with the same i add the fibre so every couple of days i take a dulcolax
i always drink 3 lts of water a day at 5'2 thats enough with the other fluids i guess some people get it some don't but your feel so much better afterwards 10 days was the longest i hadn't been for when starting in October lost 4lbs after wards :eek: so it was worth it sorry TMI lol



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I feel exactly the same and I am really feeling it this week. I have been trying the Fibre 69 which worked great the last time I did CD but not now its not working at all. The problem I have is taking any Laxatives it just causes the opposites effect. I can't get a happy medium. I have started excercising a eating a 200cal meal now everyother day to help this problem. Hopefully this will work xx


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The first time I did CD, I had no problems with constipation at all. But actually, getting it has been one of the reasons I kept failing at my restarts. I kept reaching a point where my body begged me to eat (well, that's what it felt like! :D) so that things could be pushed on through.

So when I restarted this time, I decided I'd try to stay on top of it from day one. In the past, I've tried Fibre89, but I have to confess it didn't seem to work for me. What does work is psyllium husk capsules. I take 2 three times a day (so 6 altogether) with plenty of water. And so far, wow, what a difference. No problems whatsoever, everything's moving just as it should.

Which is definitely one less thing to worry about. There's no question that getting constipation was quite literally stuffing up my attempts to stay on CD... :D

Cooky, I hope you get sorted, hun. It's really not nice at all. If you can, ahem, feel it up there and it's all hard, you might need some glycerin suppositories to soften things up. Things like senna and dulcalax do help to move things along - but I was certainly finding that getting it out was the trickiest (not to mention most painful) bit of all...


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I found constipation a huge problem when I first started. I usually take linseeds, but even they didn't seem to help much. However I persevered with taking a couple of tbsps a day and also took some Dulco Ease, which is a softener and that worked. Now I make sure that I regularly drink enough water, take a couple of tsps of Fibre 89 a day and a tbsp of linseeds. That, along with the bars has made sure that I haven't had any problems since.


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Yeah 1 Dulcolax. Don't do what I did and think "ach 2, theres bound to be a lot of poo in there"

"gentle easy predictable relief" as promised on the packet was not what happened. I was pebble dashing the walls, and felt like the world was falling out my bum. Never again.

Touch wood this time around I've had a daily poo.

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