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Constipation question :D


Proper Little Madam
I would like to ask all you experienced VLCD/CAMBRIDGE/W8/LIPOTRIM/LL peoples etc after you have been on the diet for a while does your body get used to the foods and stop being constipated or does it remain as bad throughout and you just get used to it.
I start my VLCD tomorrow and that is my only concern.

Thanks in advance x x
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Hi Gaynor,

Have been on LL for 10 weeks now and have only suffered with constipation once near the start. If I find I haven't been for a few days I usually take a Ducolax just to clear out the system but don't really suffer with bloats or anything. Might vary from one person to another.



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I've been suffering with it the entire time I've been on it no matter what I've done (water/phsyllium husks/exercise). It varies hugely from person to person though :).

Emma xXx


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Oh yeah the wind, sooooo embarrasing lol



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God, I hardly get wind ever!! I used to get loads before LL though! Sorry, far TMI!!


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Week 2 for me, and have not suffered from it so far.


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Can I ask if anyone else has sufferered from the opposite??? ....... I usually really suffer from constipation especially when on a diet but defo not this time and finding I'm having to dash to the loo from time to time (as well as the peeing every 1/2 an hour!)



I can say I'm lucky and haven't had any problems at all.
Susianna, yes in the first 1.5 weeks or so I kept going to the loo every half an hour too, it's just your body getting used to the amount of water passing through it; it has to get rid of it in some form, wether that be a 1 or 2!

But it does get better quite quickly (at least with the timings), soon you'll be back to almost regular, at least for 1's, 4 maybe 5 times a day.

I think I go and "flush the pipes" around every 2, maybe 3 days (usually just in time for another WI :D ) but it is different for everyone.