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Constipation Remedy

Sorry to be so blunt, but could be invaluable for those suffering.:wave_cry:
I had to stop CD previously because of this but think i've just found an immediate cure.
Thanks goes to Mike for this.:)
If you're suffering, drink 2-3 litres of water within the hour and you should soon see results. :eek:
I've just tested the theory and it worked, woohoo. Sorry probably TMI.
Hope this helps others.:)
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Before CD I used to drink a litre or 2 of warm water before 10am every day to encourage movement, I have been trying to spread out the water more through out the day but might go back to that :)

Thanks for the tip
Like Bigley B i've been finding it v painful to sit down after passing my weekly brick! so will try gulping the 2/3 litres in an hour to see if that helps.
Good job the loo is close by!!!


is gonna do it!!
That's a good one. But, Im sure there are others like me who can't stomach that amount of water in one go. I've been using the dulco lax perles and they never fail.
I'm so pleased it worked for you.:)
I'm definately going to use this remedy whenever I have any future problems.
Hope it works for others too.
Just bumping this in case anyone missed it first time. :)
pretty sure its a weekend activity dont think I'd try it in work LOL...
pretty sure its a weekend activity dont think I'd try it in work LOL...
LOL, no i'd definately recommend it for a time when you're not in work. It works very suddenly. ;)


has started again!!
Wish I'd seen this b4 y'day, when the old glycerol suppositories had to come out the medicine cabinet again!! Not a fun job, trust me. Effective tho!

Sorry if TMI!

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