Constipation....sorry guys.


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Sorry to be a bit crude talking about constipation, but it's starting to get me down. :cry:

Does anyone else dread going to the loo? I've been going once a week so far and it's been gradually getting harder to go.

I spent over half an hour on the loo today and it hurt that much this week that i was actually crying and i still haven't gone yet. It's like trying to give birth all over again, except you know that once the babies born the pain's over!

I've taken three Dulcolax tabs and i'm waiting for them to hopefully loosen things up. I've ordered some Fibreclear too, but that won't be here for a few days.

How often does everyone else go and do you take anything to help, or are you one of the lucky ones, who goes no problem?

:) x
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I'm on 2, sometimes 3 times a week and no probs at all, guess I'm one of the lucky ones.

Don't try and force it, I know it does make you feel a bit bloated but better to just wait for it naturally than force it and hurt yourself.

The stuff you've taken should help though it might take a few days to work its way into your system, try to drink more water as this'll help a lot too.


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I had horrendous problems too, its not just you.

Couple of things to check up on, one is Psillium Husks and I havent spelt it right, thats a natural bulking agent, no carbs, cals or anything. Available from health shops, but get the ones with no added anything!

The other is an other the counter remedy called Movicol, I bloody love the stuff, sorts out feacal impaction, which is what many get on a vlcd and then keeps it going in a nice way.

Both are fab, there are loads of posts on both on here, check out the search button at the top and type them in.

When we are on a VLCD we dont have as much waste, so it collects in the bowl and then dries out, which is why pain and discomfort is there. You need something to shift it and then something to keep regular.

Hope this helps, Its very late and my head is a shed, but give me a shout if you need anything

Love x


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hey! awww sorry your feeling like that. I know what you mean tho!... try senakot it really works! i have 2 tablets at the end of the week and it really helps and also is great coz it clears my system for my weigh in!


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thank god I haven't that problem as yet I must be one of the lucky ones!


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I know exactly how you feel. I've been taking fibreclear and I guess it is makeing me go but not a lot. I mean, I've been going at least 3 times a week, and that is big news for me LOL. But it's still like pellets.

Keep taking the medicine for about a month everyday, that should help the flow. I should do that myself actually.


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I suffered a bit with it.......... but the fibreclear definitely helps out and I will keep using it anyway, just to keep me regular lol

But I have had ducolax............. and exploding bottoms comes to mind lol......... You've taken 3!:eek: Don't stray too far from that loo lol

Oooooooooh and drink more water........ pharmacist told me to increase my water by a pint if I could to help me go easier :)

Good luck and hope you get some relief soon hon:)


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glycerol suppositories worked for me. I know the idea freaks many people out, but dulcolax etc gave me horrendous tummy cramps and the suppositories avoided all of that.


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Thanks everyone for the replies, not the best of subjects to have to discuss, but when you've got constipation, it kinda takes over life i found. :eek:

Anyhows, after taking three Dolcolax, i still didn't go because things were stuck further down. So this morning i rang the LT helpline and spoke to a lovely lady who was really helpful.

She said that i need to drink more water and to drink it little and often, instead of drinking a load at one time, which is how i normally drink it. She said that the bowel needs water for it to work. When i've been drinking the water in large quantities it's going straight through the body, so the bowel doesn't get enough for it to work as it should. Apparently, we should be going once every two or three days and it should only be producing a little bit.

To get over the problem of clearing the immediate problem, she recommended glycerol suppositories. :eek: Which i have to say that had i not been desperate and willing to try anything, i wouldn't have entertained using them at all.

So on my way home from work i called at my parent's house to get some strong painkillers (be prepared i say!). I took them, popped one of the suppositories in and hey presto within five mins things were starting to move a little. Another two later and things were finally happening and as i'd taken the cocodomol it was nearly painfree which was a bonus. :smiley1842:

From now on i shall be drinking a LOT more water, little and often. When i get the fibreclear i'll be taking that too. I definately DON'T want to have to go through this again. :cry::)