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Constipation :::TMI ALERT:::


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I'm sorry to lower the tone.

But since I started CD last Thursday I have only done a number 2 once.

I feel like I really need one today and I have pushed and pushed but it just won't come out! It is uncomfortable and painful.

When I see my CDC tomorrow I will ask her for the stuff you can put in the mixes to help keep me regular, but until then can I take something to relieve it?

I have drunk 4 litres of water so far today and will drink more, but there must be something else?
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Thanks Netty. Trip to the chemist is in order then.


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Dulcolax, senokot, ex-lax...but be advised, it can really REALLY hurt before it gets better!

I suffer horribly and have had the fibre 89 stuff last couple of days, not sure yet but think it is making a difference. Others have also recommended Fibresure or psyllium husk (from Holland and Barrett). Fibresure is pysillium husk, actually, if you read the label.

Drink LOADS of water.


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i used sennacot, it had it terribly and it was seriously the worst pain i have ever been in. when it gets bad, you need to clear out (sorry!) first then take the fibre supplement to keep you regular. apparently dulcolax is too strong, so try senna instead. good luck!


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Might be worth trying glycerine suppositories - they'll have a rapid effect, usually within 20-30 mins and without the pain that laxatives give.

Then try adding a fibre supplement as mentioned by others above.
Hi, I have had 2 REALLY bad bouts of this and have been in agony and tears! Lowering the tone again, but laxatives don't work if it is already blocked solid!

I have been using Boots Glycerine Suppositories and, depending on the first result, you may need to use another and leave it for as long as possible!! However, they do work!

Good luck and hopefully you will soon be unblocked!!



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Wahhooooooo! I've been! I sat on the loo screaming "lions and tigers" like my parents used to make me when I was little hahaha! I am going to ask the CDC tomorrow for the stuff to keep me regular!
Lol! Well done you! What a good girl!! Big relief I bet!



can see the end in sight!
honestly, I feel for you. I have never had pain like it and I'm the biggest wimp ever. You can tell I have never been through childbirth!


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This really is the worst thing about CD! It really is painful isn't it?! So glad you're over it now, I find that a hot drink works for me - well, at least gets things started!


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My CDC says dulcolax liquid (not the tabs) is good if you're desperate. I've picked up the fibre 89 stuff from her and am going to add that to my daily porridge from now on!
Hey Eyeontheprize! I've had 2 kids and, believe me, it was a walk in the park compared to the number 2's I have to endure in the last 9 weeks!!!!!! Sennacot definitely helps but it doesnt sort out whats already lurking so be poo-aware everyone and take it before the situation gets out of hand! xxx
i am in so much pain today it kills even going for a wee...
i did do a number 2 yesterday and this morning but the pain in my backside now is awful lol.
cant wait to get rid of this feeling its awful


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Horrific. I too have cried on the loo. I've started to take Fibre 89 and I haven't noticed anything different to be honest. I'm definitely going to take another Dulcolax on the weekend if nothing happens before.

The things we go through!



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I find Dulcoease (sp?) works well for me plus occasional sennacot before bed. Agree it is the pain from hell. Best thing about doing an 810 week was the relief from this!
Guru;Wahhooooooo! I've been! I sat on the loo screaming "lions and tigers" like my parents used to make me when I was little hahaha! [/QUOTE said:
Just picked myself off floor - Lions and tigers... brilliant!! LOL

I have suffered with this problem as well. I used dulcolax and boy does that get it shifting! I am now on 1000 plan so getting better with fruit and veg being added but on SS was vvvvv painful:cry: - like trying to pass little.... no.... huge nuggets of glass!!! sorry for TMI.

Hope it gets better soon - what we must go through eh??


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