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Hi all,
Sorry to bother you, but I have been on Xenical for 3 weeks now, the first week nothing, the second week and up to sunday I had the oily and orange stools, but since monday I have been constipated.
I am sure something is not right, as since I have been on the tablets I have only lost half a pound. I have been following the slimming world diet still, and excercising. I am obviosly feeling really down with this now.
I feel that I am now meant to be fat for life, and not lose weight :sigh:
Have any of you suffered with the constipation?
What am i doing wrong?

I am taking 3 tablets a day as per the doctor. I take the tablet as soon as i finish my meal.

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plodding away
I've not had problems with constipation, apart from the first few days on xenical. If you've had the orange oil, that would be if there was too much fat in your diet. I did suffer from constipation when I was following SW especially if I was on original days. Maybe try and increase the amount of veg you eat and drink more water. Hopefully someone else can help more.

i found SW and xenical didnt go well together but that might just be me?? maybe its your portion sizes?? but orange oil means too much fat hope you find out the right way for you soon but no you arnt ment to be fat forever :)
see i have never suffered with consipation EVER! lol i always had the oposite problem of going too often. doing slimming world didnt make no difference with how regular i went. it has only been these past few days.
i knew the orange was too much fat,and i was guesing at the beginning it was shifting the excess i had in there from the few days before i started the tablets.
its just gettingme down so much.
every poxy diet i do and stick to i have a few good losses the nothing. now it seems its the same with tablets.
doctor did blood tests and every thing there is ok, so maybe i am meant to be fat :(
just wanna cry.


plodding away
Nobody is meant to be fat. I know its disheartening when nothing seems to work but very few people can never lose weight its just a matter of finding the right approach for you.

Keep trying and you will find a way.

I experienced constipation for the first 14 days or so after starting xenical but since had no major problems, keep at it and take a look at your portion sizes, Do you keep a food diary ? I know I couldn't live without mine.
i meant to also say that whenever i feel bunged up i have a very fatty meal+a Xenical and this seems to get things moving again
I really really don't recommend that. I suffer bouts of constipation, and when I do, I take a dulcolax tablet ( its a laxative). Gets me moving again without the fear of tangoing the toilet or even worse, my bowels opening with absolutely no warning :eek:


gunna be a fatty for ever
no defo dont recommend a fatty meal! you will put weight on! a dulcolax helps me out. only need one an does its job!

Dont get so down about it hun. I lost 6 lbs in 2 months when i started it. slow and steady wins the race! I am currently losing about 1 - 2 lbs a week and i have my treats at weekend. but thats fine with me! the slower you loose the easier it is to keep off!

xenical is not a miracle drug, it needs a lot of will power to work! I found out the hard way.

Maybe you could do a food diary. Write down every single thing that passes your lips. I do one if im feelin a bit low! It soon adds up!

you can do this i know it! if u need any thing just pm me

luv katie
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Hi! As I have been TOTALLY on the same boat as you (xenical+SW) and suffered constipation badly, I thought you might want to hear a couple of tips that seem to have worked, eventually!

Its really really hard to stay with it when it feels as if your body is "fighting" back. I ended up with bad depression and having to be treated for it. I know believe me how it feels. BUT don't give up. If you do, the weight problem will only get worst and you will feel worst.
On a practical level, I found with SW I have to watch the portions, and stick to food that is not only low fat (free as they call it) but its low GI too. So I go for brown rice instead of white, New potatoes instead of old. You see they give you all that free food you can eat as much as you like, but really portions and quality does matter. If I have one day without a visit to the toilet then I take Dulcolax which works and gets things going. In the last 6wks of xenical I lost 5lbs. I know this and more is what people lose in a week, BUT its a loss not a gain! and I would rather be losing then getting bigger. Dont get disheartened as until the toilet situation is sorted you are likely to see a flactuation of your weight. Last week I put on half a pound because of constipation and I was inconsolable despite knowing that i had a bad bout of constipation. I got on this board and with the help and suggestions of a few "friends" I managed to lose this week. Remember you're not alone and if you want to you can lose, at the end of the day you are in control of your body.

Good luck with it all
i also asked my doctor about the Xenical constipation and he said i wasn't eating sufficient fat for them to work properly
That maybe so, but I seriously doubt that your GP meant for you to have a very fatty/greasy meal. There is a big difference from increasing the fat to say about 15g ( as recommended by Roche the makers of Xenical) to a really fatty meal.
To make sure we don't become constipated we need to increase the fibre we eat ( fresh veggies/fruit as well as wholemeal breads pasta), and make sure we drink plenty of water/fluid, not increase the amount of fat we eat.
Yep you can buy them over the counter hun. The ones I use are Dulcolax. I find that I get bunged up about mid way through my cycle, so I'll take one tablet about 9 pm and the next morning the problem is solved.

Ducolax is great, works well but after about a month of using Xenical my constipation went - ali will vouch, i had loads of problems.

Now i go every day, without fail, same time, like clockwork!!

Maybe it will take a little time to get used to with you like it did me.

Bear with it!

Julie x
Orange oil = to much fat in the meal.
Cut down on the fat content in your meal, the aim of these tablets are too help you eat a lower fat healthier diet and too train the mind. Its a life change. Hope this helps. I alsosuffered constipation on these tablets,i went too the docs and they gave me something. Eat lots of fibre,fruit and veg,it does help x x x
thanks everyone, i was going to buy laxitives earlier, whilst out shopping, then whilst walking i thought oh dear i need to go and i went! so looks like its all back to normal. I have cut out a lot of the fat in my diet, and the orange oil has gone, i am just passing normally now.
i am so sorry to have bothered you all with my problem :(
thanks again.


gunna be a fatty for ever
dont be silly! you are welcome to ask us any questions any time!!

how u been getting on today then?

luv katie
Don't be silly, you have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. That's why we're all here...to support one another :)
thnak you. I do appreciate it.
Yeah yesterday was k, apart from keep running to the nearest loo. now i cant decide if i preferred the constipation...lol

Today not been too good, i literally cant get off the toilet. so whatever was blocking me up, has shifted and now i suffereing...lol

Thank you all again.

How are you today?



gunna be a fatty for ever
good ta! i have MASSIVE blisters on my feet from the gym so im off to town shopping with OH! fingers crossed i find some comfy trainers! woooooooooooop

hope u have a good day hun


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