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  1. Cosmic Star

    Cosmic Star Full Member

    Not the best of topics but I am really suffering! Not only do I feel bloated all the time but it's really killing my motivation!

    When I have a take away or something with my weekly points, I'm fine the next couple of days yet towards weigh in I'm completely bunged so I'm thinking it's a lot to do with the fat content of my diet. I do use olive oil daily rather than fry light however.

    I've tried dragging my weekly points out all week but that didn't help as i just end up eating salty snacks plus I like something to look forward to in moderation!

    I had a gain last week due to just thinking sod it and eating everything in sight after being sick of the pain but I doubt I'll have any of that weight off despite having a 100% week as I haven't been to the toilet in three days even after taking stool softeners!

    It's just been over the last month but I cannot see where my diet has changed.
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  3. Charlotte-Eve

    Charlotte-Eve x It's my year to shine x

    I total understand. When I change my diet, the first 6 odd weeks is hell! Usually a toilet break (lol) once every 5-6 days. But then normal visits tend to be every 3-4 days.

    Are you drinking plenty of water in the last few weeks? I find it does help, and any kind of laxatives (I take senakot 1-2 a week) dehydrate me. It does make you wee more though! I've found that diet drinks don't help with constipation either, so I minimise them to once every 2-3 days. Same with oily foods - I know everyone is different but I just don't get along with oil-based dishes, so many takeaways are off the menu.

    Apart from that, all I can suggest is a little warmed prune juice (tried for the first time this week, god it bloated my belly out i looked 8 months preggers but it helped 12hrs later) and up your fibre intake if possible. Fruit isn't always the best thing to eat in larger quantities if your body hadn't been used to it, especially if you have a touch of IBS.

    If it is a constant thing though get to your doctor, the discomfort won't do anything for your temperament in the long term :)

    HTH x
  4. Atina Lladoog

    Atina Lladoog Full Member

    our leader tells us to eat pears if we get it, but you have to eat all the pear, core as well, not just the outside
  5. swissie

    swissie Full Member

    I find that it helps a lot if I include more veggies and fruits in my diet and less carbs. Drinking a lot of water is also very good. As it comes to supplements, taking magnesium tablets once in a while has been very useful for me too.
  6. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Agreed with all. If its a serious ongoing case you need to speak to a doctor. I had both constipation/diarrhoea/urgent & frequent bowel movements, got diagnosed with IBS.

    Charlotte-eve; i'm amazed that you only go every 3-4 days :p I'm the complete opposite - when my bowels are good I go 3-4 times a day, bad times are more! (up to 10-15 times a day :()
  7. Charlotte-Eve

    Charlotte-Eve x It's my year to shine x

    10-15? Wow you poor thing :( must be terrible for you.

    Yeah twice a week is a nightmare. Docs not really interested either! They've said as long as it's "normal" for me then there's nothing wrong.

    I do find totm helps though, apparently the stomach muscles contracting that helps?! Our bodies are strange things.
  8. sarah88

    sarah88 Gold Member

    are u eating food that is high in fiber? try having a bowl of freash pineapple and grapes i find these fruits esp good for going to the toilet, also try passion fruit it doesnt taste good but is full of pips and that is so good for constipation. if u suffer from ibs then it is probably best talking to ur doc
  9. hannata

    hannata I can haz cake?

    Yeah we're kinda on opposite scales of abnormality. :p I'm sure it must be a nuisance on the scales if your bowels are full a lot of the time...the one thing about frequency is I'm very rarely "bunged up" :p

    You could take a laxative, but its not a great idea to let your body become dependant on them, makes the bowel a bit lazy. Natural food methods are the best way to get it shifted :)

    A lot of the time docs and even specialists don't care... I got shafted off with a letter to my doctor saying I had no evidence of crohns/celiac, so therefore it must be IBS, and told to take laxatives! No indication of medicating with diet (which should be the first stop with ANY bowel problem) which really pissed me off :(
  10. rachluvsbhg

    rachluvsbhg Full Member

    Take a magnesium supplement every day (300-500mg u'll have to experiment to find the right dose for u - sometimes I have 900mg) n u will poo regularly - once a day. If u have diarrhoea type IBS take a calcium supplement which slows the bowel down.

    I've had all the tests n all the meds (laxatives, fibrogel, colpermin, colofac etc) n basically magnesium works! If I miss a day or two I get constipated. X
  11. Rosie_Lee

    Rosie_Lee Silver Member

    i'm have a problem with constipation but mine is a medical problem.

    the best stool softener i've found is Macrogol, i get it from docs so don't know if it's available off prescription.
    be careful not to have too much fibre because if you don't drink enough to cover it ,it'll bung you.
  12. liquineer

    liquineer Full Member

    I have been suffering from constipation to/hard to go when I do- I will try a few of the tips here and see how it improves. Started to take senokot already- drink lots of fluid though mostly in the form of tea- might switch to some to plain water. I did wonder about the lack of oil in diet and had thought to increase that a bit.
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