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Guys its really embarrassing to admit but i've been haven't used my bowels since Sunday, I started the diet on Monday, I got weighed this morning and spoke my pharmacist and he gave me some fibre clear, i took some calfig yesterday and again but thats not worked, I rang nhs direct who told me to get some glycerin suppositorys, but they also advised me to come off the diet. So i went to the local
chemist and got some suppositorys and was speaking to the pharmacist and explained i was on the lipotrim diet but he advised me come off it aswell. As anybody else on here had problems with constipation? Mine is so painfull i can't sit down.
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i did which was the reason i came off lt the first time. Was awful!! i cant advise as its already happened but ive learned my lesson about drinking more water and take some fibre everyday. hope u start feeling better.


Slowly but surely!
I have had the same problem last weekend I took some senekot because I hadnt been all week and was in pain all day sunday with cramps but I did get it out in the end, I havent been since again so it will be more senekot today but im dreading whats happening to my insides :(


Slowly but surely!
Oh ive been using fibreclear too I actually think its making me worse though!
I had constipation problems my first few weeks and the only thing that helped me was senokot, I took one at night and I went to the loo the next day. I also drank hot water in the morning as this seemed to help. Good luck.
I had the same problem for about a month when I did LT last year. I used the fiberclear throughout, but I found that the flapjacks helped a lot, they seemed to have a mild laxative effect. Maybe you should give them a try.
The pharmacist who i got the supposotrys from said the fibre clear wouldn't work until i had cleared the back log! I can't believe were are talking about poo! I have had the sopposotry up in there for i and a half hours now and still no movement! My bum really hurts and its so painfull to sit down, I feel like crying.
I'm going to have a hot bath now, maybe that will get things moving!
which week are you on? if week 2 or more try having one of the flapjacks ech day if you can - with loads of water as they are packed with fibre, especially if you are used to a high fibre diet (like i am , lots of cereals, veg, beans etc) It really helped me and I was in pain for a while! x Hope it helps and you feel okay soon! x


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Yep..I've had it too. Was v. painful and uncomfortable. Didn't drink enough water one week.

Have resolved it by taking psyllium husks and also when I think it's time I should have gone, I have a day with lots and lots of coffee with canderal in. That does it for me.

Since I've started these two things, there have been weeks that my water intake hasn't been enough but I haven't had any problems even in those weeks.

(Try sitting on the loo and kinda rocking. push your torso to your knees and sit up and as far back as you can go. ..sorry everyone else for the detailed info. Did look to PM you but I don't think you have enough posts yet to get PM's)

It's very unpleasant and I hope you're feeling better soon.

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I agree with the flapjacks, I started taking these on week 3, once a day and it has helped keep me more regular, I take loads of water with one of them too, so also helps with the water intake.

Aww hun hope you go soon.
Sorry to hear you are feeling very uncomfortable.

I am another who suffered in the first few weeks. I started on the flapjacks daily and had boiled water too,this seemed to work for me and i haven't suffered since (touch wood)

Hope things get going for you soon
Hope you're feeling better

Hi hun,
I'm feeling for you.
The same happened to me last year.:sick0019:
I came off the diet as the pharmacist advised but then its been a whole year and an extra stone later before I felt I could give it another go.
This time I am going to have phsyllum husks in a pint of hot water every morning as I have been told this works. Just hope it does!! Even if it doesn't I am going to persevere this time.
Hope the hot bath helped and your feeling much better soon. Hang on in there.


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Well the problem is you left it so long to do something about it. I hope the suppository has finally worked if not use another. After that you need to prevent it from happening again. I take a heaped teaspoon of fibre clear in every shake. This on its own does nothing for me in terms of moving things but it does give bulk. I then take 3-4 senekot every night or 2nd night. I then am regular as clockwork every morning. Yes I get a bad cramp and have to run to the loo but that is it .....done and dusted and feeling fine. So try this before you give up on LT.

/i don't think they stress this end (pardon pun) of things enough when you start the diet. But you are not alone and it is miserable to be in your position. Hope your feeling better soon!
I've been, the supposotries finally kicked in after 3 hours. I got fibre clear and having that in every glass of water, going to take each day as it comes and if i need some senokot then will go and buy some straight away. Thanks you all for your advice. x
Congratulations lol, so glad for you as it must have been hell.

Try hot water each morning as you get up hun and it might be worth asking for some flapjacks at your next weigh in.

Hey, bet you could have lost half a stone tonight lol.
Okay I've only been on this one week, first WI tomoz but I haven't had any problems.
I've been drinking lots of water and coffee in my vanilla shakes but the main thing that I find helps me is I also bought one of those slendertone belts and after you've had that on everything seems to start moving(if you know what I mean) Hope this helps, Emz.x

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