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Hi all

Been faffing about a lot recently, trying to maintain my weight, but it is going up a bit, albeit slowly but is very erratic! One day I am down 2 - 3 lbs, then I am up the same 2 - 3 lbs. I am not SSing, and haven't been for a few months now, but having done LT several times over the years feel that SSing might be able to help me drop a few pounds to get to where I want to be. I am considering doing it the CD way, but I have a BMI of about 23, so would I not be allowed to SS? I am not sure what the rules are on CD as I haven't done it before.

My nearest CDC is at Truro, which is almost a 60 mile round trip.

So.... my main questions are:

1. Would I be allowed to SS?

2. Would the CDC allow me to see her fortnightly, if I am able to go on the plan?

3. How can I find out if there is another CDC closer to me - I have looked on the website and there are only 3 covering the area, and the other two are in Plymouth (which is 160 mile round trip!)

4. Am I nuts for considering to SS just to lose a further stone?

Any help/advice/guidance would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hi cheryl,

You have done wonderful and it is always the most difficult to lose that last bit!!!

Coley has started "last stone-mission" challenge for those who are finding it hard to lose...

You will find it on the link above.

Step 2 790 kcal of the Cambridge Diet is perfect for you to lose those last few lbs. as you can't SS below a BMI of 25

It is similar to Add-a-Meal menu except that it is higher in protein, with AAM you have 3 oz of fish or chicken and on this you can have 6 0z or if you prefer quorn or tofu it is 8oz. and you have this along with 3tbsp of white or green beggies. with the addition of 1/2 pint of skimmed take 3 packs and continue to drink at least 4 pints of water a day.

I have swapped from LT to CD and the flavours like vanilla, stawberry, chocolate and the chicken soup all taste the same to me...but with CD you have an extensive selection of milkshakes and soups to choose from.

I think you can do that or either look at the maintenance range of LT...have not tried it so don't know exactly how it works or what it is like or how much it costs, but you can walk in from the street and buy it in the chemist. It you write to Lipotrim they will give you some free samples to try.

email: [email protected]

lipotrim web page

Love Mini xxx
also it seems to me that not all counsellors are listed on the site but if you call the number and give them your post code theyll tell you the nearest one to you

thats how it worked for me anyway

good luck
also it seems to me that not all counsellors are listed on the site but if you call the number and give them your post code theyll tell you the nearest one to you

thats how it worked for me anyway

good luck

Thanks Slushy, will give them a ring!

Good luck with your last bit of weight!! Definately phone then to see if there is someone closer and let us know how you get on. :)
Well, spoke to the CDC in Truro yesterday evening, seems she is the closest to me! She is going to send me a form for my doctor to sign to say its ok for me to do 790 or 1000 on CD. The CDC was concerned that I had just had radiotherapy treatment and wanted to make sure my doc was ok with it. Should get the form in the post from her tomorrow. Then I just have to talk my doctor into signing it. Should be OK as the doc is very approachable, luckily.

Once the form is signed I will be able to make an appointment to see the CDC. She works during the day so is only available in the evenings, but usually has Tuesdays off, so I could see her during the day on a Tuesday, but she is covering for someone at work for the next two weeks. I don't like driving at night, so hopefully can see her during the day in a couple of weeks time.

Fingers crossed for me that I get my form signed.
Hi Cheryl,

With a BMI of 23 you are not allowed to do the 790 plan as it is a VLCD and this falls below the limit set by CD. The minimum would be 1000 cals and I personally would only do that for one week then move onto 1200 cals.

You will still lose weight on the 1000 cals plan safely and effectively. Good luck with your doctor and shifting those last few pounds.