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Just to let everyone know incase they think i am some sort of liar as i just realised i put in two seperate posts that i am on green days as i dont eat meat and then put im having chicken in curry.

I say i dont eat meat as its the easy option. I dont like meat and dont like the texture or taste.

I last ate a burger 16 years ago i used to like burgers until my greatgrandfather dies of madcow disease and that put me off burgers then i slowley went off chicken.

I am not a vegitarian as i do eat chicken but only rarely, it has to be a whole chicken straight off the bone for me to eat it and only then can i eat it in curries ect.

Lol sorry just thought i'd clear that up x
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I noticed and I think you're a very bad person for telling such a big fat lie!! Hehe, don't be daft, I'd never have noticed, and you can do what you like anyway- the news on the street is it's a free world!!XXX


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lol I knew someone would! I dont think i would have noticed if it was someone else either but thought id post this as dont want anyone to think i am a fibber!


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I just thought maybe you flicked the chicken out and gave it to OH!!

Ahahaha that brought back some memories i used to do that when we first got together he used to take me for meals and i used always have chicken tikka and give him all the chicken, he didnt complain but must have thought i was a bit weird !

Also when i cook curry now i keep stiring it until it goes all stringy and he hates it so have to keep back huge chunks for him to have on the side.


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I only noticed because I'd answered your other post and you said you did green days, otherwise I doubt I would have noticed.

I love it when chicken goes all stringy in curry and risotto, it's my fave way of eating chicken curry. My daughter only likes chunks though so I know where you are coming from.


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weirdo :D haha only joking chick, no need to explain yourself to us, i hadn't noticed, you eat what you want and whatever way you want, :). xx


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Well see a few people noticed lol ! And if i didnt put this i bet you would all be saying what a liar i am lol OJ