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Controlled Break - Anyone Done This?


I'm just curious... in a couple of months I'm going to meet a friend overseas, for a long weekend, and really I'd like to be able to go out and try some of the restaurants there etc.

Has anyone here ever planned a break from LL for a few days, and if so any tips or comments? I'm also worried that my stomach will be upset if I suddenly go back to normal food for a few days.

Any comments appreciated :)

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is Magdalicious
Can you not go on Lite for that week?
That might be a better option than coming off the program altogether.


I will do this!
all I can say is once you go down that road most find it really hard to go back to abstinence, but it is possible. I planned on eating when I was almost at goal and never went back to full abstinence after that, so glad I was almost at goal! I did get to goal and then did RTM. I know some have done it, but I would say if you chose to eat try to follow LLL food choices and try to stay in ketosis. Good luck whatever you decide.
Well, I'll talk to my LLC about it but I think that I won't be allowed with my BMI?
Its up to you what you do hun, better to do lite and keep on track than to break plan and never go back! :)

I do Lite and it does let you enjoy more social occasions. The waiters do look at me funny :confused: when I ask for no potatoes, no sauce and extra salad!!

I had a break for my birthday and it was hard to go back, even on lite.
Thanks for the replies guys, I'll think about it some more but maybe it's better I just hold off on the restaurants thing til I finish this... would be dumb of me, I guess, to do anything that might make it harder.
Have to say I agree with you Joiya.
I'm sure you'll make the right decision for you. x

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